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New member NL/BE/DE border region, introducing myself

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Hi everyone, 

Just came across this forum and decided to join. I'm not very good at this, but I'll try to right a little about myself.

Besides my main job, I'm a student at a Belgian watch repairing course. I've lived, went to school and worked between and across the borders in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany so it's hard for me to set a location. 

My own interests is a mix between asian and swiss calibers. I like them all in different ways, but my focus is on vintage watches end 60 to mid 70. Being able to restore  vintage watches in ways that resemble art conservationists that restore the most valuable paintings, is my dream. If I'll ever reach it, doesn't matter, but for the foundation I've set a plan for myself. 

Step one:  is almost complete. Being able to service, detect and restore faults in the most common swiss calibers from hand winding to chronographs according to manufacturer specifications. 

Step two; Service my whole collection and project box as close to perfection as possible. 

Step three; individual advance courses. learning how to adjust and repair different kinds of balance wheels and hairspring's, polish and manufacture pivots, set a extra jewel to prevent wear on a plate/bridge (extra; repair broken of tooth's or manufacture a complete new gear).

Step four is optional and If the flow contiguous who knows where I'll be. Step four for now would be a polishing/lapping course. 

Hoping to learn and contribute here while I progress in my journey. 


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