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ETA 7750 chronograph movement

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Hello again,

I'm servicing my first chronograph, and all pieces are clean and right, the watch movement works fine, but when I activate the chrono parts after 10 seconds stops . I dismantle the parts 

 where are the keyler works are and everything works ok , and driver cannon pinion it turns very hard - need some 'force ' it's normal?

Can you help,


Thank you


Tibi V sr

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There is a 32 page document on the cousins web site broken down into sections for down loading, I you have not got this I suggest its worth getting and reading.

The canon pinion needs friction to drive hands but not too tight to require undue force.  does the watch operate ok  and only hard through the keyless work. If so I would suggest isolating the canon from the keyless and re checking.


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