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I know it’s a long shot but can anyone please tell me what the paint code is for the cream pultra 1750 is as I have just purchased one and I am going to refurbish it , at the moment I have a Derbyshire Magnus 10mm lathe but I am in UK and although Derbyshire are still going to get things shipped over hear cost an arm & a leg , and pultra were made in UK and have been taken over by Smart & Brown, I have asked them but they said they only paint them in green but I would like to use original colour.

Thanks Dell

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Hi watchweasol 

the green is the last colour that Pultra used before shutting down, the original cream I could have got it matched but then I thought the cream would show all the marks but hopefully not so much with the green.


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More updates on my Pultra 17/70 restoration, almost ready to go now, been making long small T nuts and a plate to fit Multifix QCTP a friend has made an extension for the tool rest because being 70mm centre my tool rest was way short.0BDEF4B0-DCE1-4AC3-9CED-F406831BF517.thumb.jpeg.09ae29ce50210b1f3e7fabe54876021b.jpeg7CAC9CF1-7595-42B2-BB78-39CE32BEDB9F.thumb.jpeg.535da9ce1779af404e6dcd41db2bfe83.jpegC01273D9-2931-4227-A55C-C16FBA6A6698.thumb.jpeg.31ef9e0e605b91637a07c43da9bfd62f.jpeg089A3CBA-310D-493A-B673-AB424754F6A0.thumb.jpeg.9a8827d43a148a575fa8c1232a4ec72b.jpeg437D0732-4CAA-4F4C-BF10-0FE70F06EAF3.thumb.jpeg.18aa8064c6479e5807ef70721a24c64c.jpeg

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