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  1. If you look at this photo, you can see the bare, threaded opening at the bottom of the sliding tube. This is where I suspect a lense is missing.
  2. I'll take photos of it tonight. In detail. I appreciate the help.
  3. Everything seems to function OK, but I think there may be a lense component missing as it seems impossible to get this to focus. I very carefully and thoroughly cleaned all the optics. In the large, sliding, central tube that the eyepiece sits, I believe there is a lense missing. I'll take a picture later. I did acquire an older (late 1800's) all brass Spencer that had a handful of missing parts. It was a gift for my eldest son. It's missing the reflector mirror and the eyepiece. He's going to clean it up and get the missing parts.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who acquires seemingly random gadgets! I won this old fella from Goodwill's auction site late last year. I've been hoping to acquire an all brass model as they are typically the oldest. This one is from 1916, it's a Spencer Buffalo and I believe it's a model 6. The wooden case is wrapped in a black leatherette material like typewriter cases of the era were. Sadly, I paid significantly more than the 404 club requirements, lol.
  5. Today I'm wearing my 1966 vintage Citizen 21 jewel Crystal 7. Handsome little watch. Love the day window, it's very appealing to me.
  6. Good morning folks. I know it's been ages since I last posted, but I've been falling down a typewriter collecting and restoration rabbit hole for the last year. I never actually left, but obsessions being what they are, well here I am. I've been wanting a Citizen Bullhead with panda dial for ages now but never found one I wanted to pay current market value for. As an alternative, I was able to find this Citizen Chronograph, commonly known as The Spider. It has the same 8110 movement except it's titled 90° to the bullhead. The Spider also features a rotating chapter ring. The pushers and crown
  7. Thank you. Here is today's update. Color coat of black acrylic lacquer has dried nicely. What a fantastic paint btw! Looks great. I unmasked everything and began the task of lubricating all the moving components. Letters, numbers, spacebar, tab, shift, all of it. I partially assembled the carriage and confirmed function. All is great! I still have to source a drawband material, but I have a few ideas. Still a couple touch ups, but not overly concerned about them.
  8. Thank you. it has been raining like mad here every afternoon since late march.
  9. After a good soak in Evaporust. It may be difficult to tell, but the entirety of the rust is now gone. I can tell you if y you use it, it does loose strength over successive uses. My son soaked his Remington typewriter first, and it came out better, mine required a bit more labor. At any rate, the entire typewriter is ready for sanding and priming. Below you can see after sanding and masking it's ready to be primed. I choose a sandable filler primer to hopefully even out some low spots, we'll see. The primer went on OK, (no pictures yet) but it hasn't cured all the way. I tried sanding a
  10. That is the escapement that controls the ribbon feed. Each time your strike a key or hit the spacebar it advances the ribbon a bit so you don't hammer all the ink out of just one spot. Ingenious design, you can run the ribbon forward, then by pressing the whole gear and it's associated shaft to the right, a different set of transmission gears engages and now you can rewind the ribbon. Beautiful engineering. Discovered this by accident as I had no idea how any of this worked previously.
  11. As the title States, I have found another early mechanical device in order to occupy my free time between watches or while waiting for replacement parts from overseas. I picked up this 1915 Underwood Model 5 Typewriter. I plan to do a full restoration on it. Mechanically it's in shockingly sound condition. A bit rusty, but nothing a good soak in some Evaporust won't take care of. The only part missing is the drawband, the part that provides tension to the carriage and allows it to advance with each keystroke and return at the end of each sentence. I've already got a plan to address that. The p
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