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  1. @jdrichard, watched your latest video, it was great. The lathe is awesome. I'm a machinist by trade and machining ANYTHING as small as a balance staff is incredibly nerve wracking! BTW, your work space is clean and tidy, and your hat is bad ass! Good job!
  2. I nearly grabbed a Mathey Doret for myself, I still may, lol.
  3. Thank you. I do like that symbol as well. It is an attention grabber for certain. BTW, I've got 3 Russians on their way to me. 2 of them are Luch and one is a rectangular Chayka, all 3 are electronic. I posted them here!
  4. "3 Russians and an American enter a bar." Sounds like something is about to go down if that were true! But in this case I acquired 4 new watches including 2 Russian made electronics and 1 Russian made, early mecha-quartz and 1 Timex Electronic. Yes, I know I have an issue with blue watches, That's why I started my post about them here, lol. I'm not sure about the canary yellow Luch, maybe it will grow on me when I get it in hand. I fell in love with this Chayka mecha-quartz. The model 3050, stepper is enormous! Plus, that blue sucks me in every time! I've wanted one of these Luch electronic watches for some time, the seller had two and offered a great price for them. Hoping the yellow isn't as intense in hand. I've heard good things about the 3055 movements, hopefully it's true. Ever since @JohnD Shared his copy of this watch, I knew I had to have one. I'm sorry folks if I'm not acquiring wholly unique pieces, But I collect what I like, as I hope we all do. I'm a bit nervous for the Russians as I'm not certain about the reliability of the various movements. Hopefully the rugged simplicity that are the hallmarks of the Russian engineering ethos will win through.
  5. Thank you @JohnD. This seems like a sensible 50th birthday present if not an extravagant one considering his demographic and the era. That's not to say he didn't rise above that demographic. It would be cool if our watches came with detailed provenance, sadly we're left with guesses and dreams.
  6. I love to listen to the Timex backset electronics tic, 4 soft ticks the a louder one when the second hand indexes.
  7. Happy Sunday everyone! Hope this finds you healthy and not too bored. My new to me, 1973 Transistorized Wittnauer arrived yesterday. The Crystal was in quite a state and needed attention. With a fresh battery it took off right away, always encouraging. Neither thrilled, nor disappointed by the aftermarket bracelet. It seems appropriate. Will pull the Crystal tonight to clean more around the edges. Very happy with it. A bit grungy upon arrival I wonder who HN Blair was? 1973 narrows the date down. I'll consider it another birth year watch Here is the ESA9154 heart beating. The Crystal cleaned up very nicely, minus the small crack between the 12 and 1. Regardless, happy to have it in the lineup!
  8. Perhaps one of those watches that run backwards... Regain a bit more time in life, lol
  9. Today I'm wearing my 1962 Timex Viscount with the grey crosshair dial. Yet another DOA resuscitation. Dial is a tad oxidized and the bracelet shreds my arm hairs, but otherwise it's great for nearly 60 years old.
  10. Not as old as you might think, you can still get new ones. (not sure about the one above) https://russianlegacy.com/vostok-russian-submarine-clock-p-1493.html
  11. Tab at the center top is the catch. Push it towards the wall and slide the clock upwards and it should slide off.
  12. The watch is likely to be either an employee service award, an employee performance award or a corporate promotional item. I would be dubious to the possibility of it being branded and marketed for public sale by Sony. Considering Sony's deep connection to electronics, I would think if they were to have released a watch, it would be electronic, quartz or digital. Judging by the age of your movement (late 60's to early 70's), those were in existence, but were not used here.
  13. My first is a Panerai homage. All Chinese parts and I love it. The next is completely custom Frankenstein. Swiss movement, American dial, Chinese case and a Russian strap. The sub second hole had to be elongated because a 12s Elgin pocketwatch second hand does not quite line up with the 6498 second.
  14. I have had my eye on an ocean for awhile, i need to find one within my budget, lol
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