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  1. Vsauce, of YouTube fame owns a backward running quartz. He visited "Adam Savage's, Tested" shop and Adam and him compared watches. Adam has an omega "beater", a problem I wish I had! lol. It's pretty clear the Vsuace is not a watch enthusiast, given the rough handling he gave Adam's watch while he was looking it over. He shows off the backwards watch HERE and the entire video is worthy of a watch HERE as well.
  2. I suggest you replace the batteries despite how clearly the numbers are displaying. It is the simplest and cheapest fix possible. If nothing changes, then clearly something deeper is wrong.
  3. No way I could have sold that one ! Did you get another to replace it?
  4. absolutely amazing timepiece connected to a historic man and vessel.
  5. While I'm generally not a fan of the Submariner aesthetic, it is a beautiful watch. The shade of blue is very appealing. I like how they color matched the hubs of the hands so they kind of disappear into the dial, it's a nice touch.
  6. you're in luck, the seller on eBay I messaged has a complete balance arm available. quoted message below.... New message from: remwatch (650) Hello.I have a balance bridge. But I also have jewel for it. HERE is the link to the original listing. Contact the seller and see how much they want for the Bridge.
  7. Seiko has always had a keen eye for the color blue. May I ask why you opted for a traditional battery over using the kinetic feature?
  8. My Tissot chronograph, which I got for a song at a local Pawn shop, has been sold as I wasn't wearing it much. It was bulky and needed a link in the bracelet to fit more comfortably. I was seriously considering building a 7750 clone from eBay parts when I chanced across this Accurist chrono. It is powered by a Landeron 248. It looks to be of a late 60's vintage, but have no idea how to date them. Coming from the UK so it will be a couple weeks. It was sold as running, which is a plus, looks like it'll need a crystal polish for sure. I absolutely ADORE the complexity of mechanical chronographs!
  9. Is it one like the one below? That one is mine. Parts are difficult. You can get a new balance wheel or a set of hands, or a dial, even a nice display stand, easier than any other bits. Is it the jewel in the balance bridge? If so, you may find it easier but not financially feasible to purchase an entire watch and possibly scavenge the balance, though it would be a waste of one watch for another. I put in a question with a seller on eBay who is selling a handful of miscellaneous gears for one of these to see if they have a bridge available, assuming that is the culprit. Mine has an issue with the lower balance jewel Chaton. It had moved away from it's propper position and would cause the balance to overbank randomly. I seem to have it sorted now. They were built in a relatively robust manner, most bits are quite easy to disassemble. I suspect the reason there are so many available is likely because it was easier to replace a faulty watch rather than try to service one. Most were likely sent back to the factory but again, it was just simpler to ship out a new one rather than to bother fixing them. These watches were in military aircraft so they were certainly subject to vibration, impacts, shocks, and wild temperature swings to say the least. I would imagine it wouldn't take long before issues began to arise. The were usually placed low in the instrument panels to make getting at them easier when they failed. 2 thumb screws and two wire connectors were all that were required to remove these. As I said, mine is running reliably now as long as I don't fiddle with it too much while it's running. I would be curious to see photos of yours. I'll let you know if the eBay seller gets back to me. My AChS-1 watch There upper balance jewel. Here is a shot of one properly mounted in a Mig-29 Fulcrum.
  10. My Stormtrooper, 6139-7100, arrived yesterday. I had planned to take it all apart for a service. I first placed it on the timegrapher and it is actually running great. So I will leave it until I get the correct inner bezel. Not exactly sure what year this was made as the caseback is not original. I believe it was made in 1975. The seller was in Venezuela and it arrived shockingly fast. Overall a great watch in great shape. I wonder how it earned the nickname "Helmet" ? Ohhh... Now I see the resemblance!
  11. Please forgive my Naivety, but is that watchband for some extremely rare model? Is it made with particles of Unobtanium and painted with unicorn poo? Is it the most desired aftermarket Swiss made watchband ever? Baffling!
  12. https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/hamilton/1150496
  13. This is the King Seiko, here, and the Grand Seiko, here . The King does indeed have a rough dial. The electronics are always an option, minus that price tag! The most I've ever paid for a watch was for my Omega F300 Hummer. But I did get a decent deal on it.
  14. I'm on the hunt for a birth month and year for me. One of those things only I will know and appreciate, but nonetheless, i enjoy a challenge. There are a half dozen or so on eBay currently. Of those, only two stand out for me. A Grand Seiko and a King Seiko with only the King being somewhat reasonably priced. I sure wish that unknown, rich uncle would hurry up and die and then will me his fortune!
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