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  1. Thank you. One of the reasons I was attracted to it was the patina'd brass hardware. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of gold watches and this was quickly becoming too much. The patina'd brass nicely compliments the gold of the movement, dial and case without overshooting my goal.
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to show off my first custom build. I've always wanted something that never existed anywhere before. I knew I wanted to base it off the venerable Swiss 6498 manual wind movement. I also wanted to use an old 12s pocket watch dial because they are fairly close in size to the 6498 dials and could work with a few minor modifications. I first sourced a dial, after some lengthy searching, I found a NOS Elgin. It had never been used and had the perfect visual feel I was going for. The numbers were all gold and in keeping with that vibe, I next ordered a gold colored Chinese case for the 6498. I also found an old Arnex pocket watch with a pristine 6498 movement but a rough case. I had the hardest time deciding what strap I should use. I knew I wanted leather, but that was it. I had nearly settled on an Ostrich strap but I happened upon a Russian made Laco strap and fell in love with it. It has a very unique design that would be perfect for my watch. As the parts began arriving I could almost see it on my wrist. The very last item to arrive was the case, 8 weeks from China, I think maybe they walked it to my house. I fist started with the dial. I clipped the dial feet off and then proceeded to slot the sub seconds hole as the Elgin 12s sub seconds hole was closer to the center than the one on 6498. And yes, the seconds hand is not centered in the sub seconds face, but I'm not the least bothered by it. I had to modify the movement retaining ring also as the Elgin dial is quite a bit thicker. I was able to reuse the hands that came with the Arnex because they fit my theme well. S0, this is a true Frankenstein with Swiss, American, Chinese and Russian parts, but it's all my design. I love it. Thank you for reading.
  3. I have definitely encountered the need for a good opener. I was servicing a vintage Seiko 7002 diver for a friend and I nearly couldn't get the back open. Are there tools that make opening snap back cases easier? Knife blades are terrifying to use but occasionally that's all that will work. Thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Good morning folks. If you had to recommend 2 budget conscious (under $300) tools to a hobbyist watchmaker what would they be? I already have the bare minimum hand tools necessary to do the work. There are so many tools I'm sure I could find useful occasionally, but what would be 2 tools you would be lost without, other than screwdrivers, tweezers, movement holders, timegrapher, etc. Thank you.
  5. Today I'm wearing my Fossil Modern Machine ME3133 skeleton automatic. This is the watch that inspired me to start collecting watches, especially mechanical watches. It's stylish, rugged and comfortable. It's also a bit big for those that aren't used to larger watches. I don't wear it as much as I used to, but I'll never get rid of it.
  6. Do you have any experience with the Russian mechanical alarm watches? I've had my eye on one for awhile now and I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. I've got a thing for odd, quirky and unique timepieces and these mechanical alarm watches fit the bill.
  7. Hello everyone. I've been steadily watching Marks videos on YouTube for over a year now and it just occurred to me to register. So here I am. I'm 46 years old, a machinist by trade and a hobbyist watchmaker from Florida and I'm a father of 4. I'm self taught, but I've learned so much from Mark's videos on YouTube. I hope to learn more here and participate in this community. Thank you for having me.
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