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Tweezers with angled tip, brand and type?

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This image is a screen capture from the "Free Watchmaking Course" on https://learnwatchmaking.com/. As you can see, the tweezers used has an angled tip. I've been looking around a bit in an attempt to find this type of tweezers where just the very end is angled. Plenty of angled tweezers out there, but I'm looking for this type in particular. So, if anyone can tell me what brand and type this is, I'd really appreciate it.

A week or so ago I sent a message to the owner of the site, Christian Lass, to ask about this but he hasn't yet replied. If he does, I'll report back to anyone else who might be interested. The learnwatchmaking.com site also has a shop but a bit surprisingly - as I'm sure any beginner would like to have the same tools as the teacher - this type of tweezers isn't for sale.

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8 hours ago, nickelsilver said:

I'm pretty sure Christian bent those himself.

You're 100 % right about that @nickelsilver! Christian got back to me and explained that he simply puts the tips inside the hole of a stake and bend them. With Christian's permission I re-post what he had so say about it...

"I have just bended the tips of the tweezer. 
It makes it easier the grab small items like screws etc.  
And you minimise the risk of scratching the surface of the bridges with the tips. 

You can do that with nickel and antimagnetic tweezers. 
Just put the tip inside a small tube and you use that to bend the tips. 
I use on of the stakes in the staking set. 
This way they will bend and become perfectly parallel."

Additionally I asked him if my Dumont No. 3 Dumoxel 95% Anti-magnetic would take a bending and got a thumbs up.


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There is no one specific brand or type of tweezers that is best for use with an angled tip. Many different brands and types of tweezers are available with this type of tip, so it is important to choose one that feels comfortable to use and that is the right size and shape for your needs. Some good options to consider include the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers, and the Japonesque Precision Tweezers.

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