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Hi everyone, I'm JR from N.W Ireland. I'm a retired elect/electronic engineer. I have a fascination for machines big and small. I've taken a sudden interest in clocks and watches and have began by repairing my own collection of "damaged at work Seikos". My biggest problem is failing eyesight. I'm fine up close without spectacles but can't read the lap-top or find my way to the loo without them so they are off/on/off/on! Going to post my first question now. Hope someone can help me.  

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Hi and welcome,

if you are an on-off-on guy like myself I can highly recommend these Italian glasses. They are called Clic and come in many colours and shapes. You have them hanging from your neck. They are opened from the front via a magnetic lock. Plus they look a lot more expensive then they are. Indispensable...











Cheers and all the best 



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Welcome to the forum JR,  My eyesight is the similar although I can see well enough without them. I have been wearing Varifocals for years and use a headband binocular set which allows me to wear the glasses and the head band, Ok for normal work but for close up its glasses off and a loupe. The joys of old age among others.

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