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  1. Thank you lads. I would never have solved this riddle on my own. I honestly believed that I had lost something years ago, when I done the capacitor job. That's when the dial went wonky and I have been beating myself up all week because of that. I'd be back on the drink had I not have found this forum. I have replaced the crystal as the old one actually had a hole punched in it. I never felt the impact at the time but I guess that's when the dial feet went walkies:)
  2. Hi, I am trying to restore a Seiko 5M62-0D50 Kinetic. The crystal needed replacing and the face needed aligned as someone (me) had assembled it off by about 5degrees having replaced the capacitor. I don't know if I lost something last time but there seems to be nothing to locate the face relative to the movement. ie it spins freely and once in place, cannot be accessed to correct it. Can anyone give me any pointers?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm JR from N.W Ireland. I'm a retired elect/electronic engineer. I have a fascination for machines big and small. I've taken a sudden interest in clocks and watches and have began by repairing my own collection of "damaged at work Seikos". My biggest problem is failing eyesight. I'm fine up close without spectacles but can't read the lap-top or find my way to the loo without them so they are off/on/off/on! Going to post my first question now. Hope someone can help me.
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