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Crystal Replacement Question


Please could anyone help with this crystal replacement question. I am looking to order a new acrylic crystal for the attached Mondiane I got this week. It just pops out of the bezel, not glued in. I've measured it at 32.48mm (seems like an odd size) both inside the ring and the crystal itself if that makes sense. Difficult to measure the height but I thought it might be a high dome without step? Some advice from a Facebook forum suggested that a Domed with step might be better due to the height of the cushion dial. Just want to make sure I order the right thing. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.




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    • I remembered where I saw the photograph this will give you a clue. As you can see it's not the conventional pocket watch sleeve in that it does not screw in.  
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • I guess you have attempted to instal the escape wheel when center arbour+ the bridge on it+ balance& cock+ fork cock are installed, before these are installed, you have good access to escape wheel to slide its pivot in, then tighten screws on the large plate/ bridge, next add the said parts on. Obviously modified escape cock ( split ) must have been thought of after tons of complaimts at assembly line.
    • Good day! i have choice to buy this legendary watch in exactly my favorite condition: 1.) unserviced  2.) untested  I wouldn’t mind there is no evidence if barometric module works, but what I mind is, I can’t find any technical information of how this module looks and works.  I like to get challenging new movements and also don’t want to crops the line of spoiling something.  Does any of you, kind souls have any literature or link or photo or even oil painting of this module? The watch is referred as 53223. Cheers! Jakub 
    • We haven't or at least I haven't entirely forgotten? The problem is I've seen this somewhere? We've discussed sleeves before I don't know if we covered ones for wristwatches probably have but I've seen one of these before I just need to remember where the reference was that I saw it once I remember I can find that and I'll attach it. Then the reason why we not getting copious quantity of answers is because if you notice anything related to American watches in particular earlier watches especially anything involved with casing and sleeves there aren't that many people on this group that work with those. Plus I was hoping for a better name inside the case. Because of you go to an offbrand it's going make it a lot harder and getting a sleeve to replace that anyway is going to be much much harder so as soon as I can remember where I saw the reference to this?
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