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1977 Timex Marlin clean up

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I picked this vintage Timex Marlin up from a pawn shop for $10. It began ticking as soon as I wound it up which is always a good sign. The metallic brown dial and hidden lug case caught my eye, but the Crystal was quite rough, thankfully it wasn't cracked. Sadly it's wearing one of those atrocious expansion bracelets, so that will be ditched ASAP! This was my first time decoding the dial numbers, very useful information there. After a thorough sanding and polish the Crystal looks great! According to the catalog page, it looks like it originally came with a mesh band, I'll have to look for one.





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Expansion  bracelets  aren't  bad.as long as you only use them on a stainless steel  case..they chew up anything  non ferrous. You also  have to adjust  them  to fit your wrist..I always have to add a few links,or else they feel  like a tourniquet. 

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