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  1. My first is a Panerai homage. All Chinese parts and I love it. The next is completely custom Frankenstein. Swiss movement, American dial, Chinese case and a Russian strap. The sub second hole had to be elongated because a 12s Elgin pocketwatch second hand does not quite line up with the 6498 second.
  2. I have had my eye on an ocean for awhile, i need to find one within my budget, lol
  3. @JohnD, The Seiko Quartz's are STUNNING! So are the 2 Timex's. I'm glad I'm not the only one passionate about blue, lol.
  4. Awesome watch. I built 2 similar ones based on the 6498 movement. One has a legit Swiss movement, the other has a Chinese one.
  5. Correct on all counts! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it listed. Some poor sucker is going to get it and be sorely disappointed. In this condition it's not even worth the $40 asking price!
  6. What dial is actually on the watch? I found a black one that looks identical to the blue one in your picture. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Rolex-Datejust-Two-Tone-Black-Index-Dial-for-Ladies-26mm-Watch/124012705979?hash=item1cdfbbb8bb:g:kb4AAOSw8btd9xcb
  7. Below is a photo of a vintage Timex Falcon Eye that is listed for sale on the Bay. Aside from JerseyMo, can anyone tell me what is wrong with the watch in this picture? All I have to say is, what the HELL! SMDH!
  8. I purchased an Ever-Tite and the tension ring slid out easily. The chapter ring fit perfectly, if not a tiny bit more lose, that's why I had to glue mine in.
  9. I have a Sicura Satellite with the same chapter ring feature. I ended up gluing mine into the crystal shoulder where the tension ring originally went because the crystal I acquired was exactly the same size as the opening, it probably should have been a millimeter or so bigger. Does this watch have a separate crown that moves the chapter ring? If not then I believe the chapter ring is the tension ring.
  10. I bought and repaired an 1871 Elgin pocket watch only to drop it while doing the final reassembly and broke the balance! I was utterly heart broken! It is still sitting waiting for me to get back to it. When I do, I'll have to source a correct dial and hands and hour gears as I "borrowed" them to complete and even older 1869 Elgin that I still have.
  11. The manual date indexer is a fiddly bit to install. I had a hell of a time on my Satellite!
  12. Few will ever appreciate or comprehend the work we put into our watches. Thankfully there are groups like this where we all "get it"!
  13. I've had my eye on a blue dial example. Any quirks I should know about before I commit to one?
  14. Good evening folks. The first of 2 H. Samuel watches I purchased arrived today. On the surface, this one seemed identical to the OPs but after tearing it down I discovered it was not the same. This one has a safety pinion just like American pocket watches do. And as it turned out, it needed it. The mainspring was busted and had tripped the pinion. This one does have an extra gear, so at first glance it appears the same as @Seth's, unfortunately not. I'm still trying to decipher it's purpose, my first guess is it allows the watch to be wound counter clockwise. I do want to source a replacement mainspring, so if anyone has some researched a replacement for one similar or has one, please let me know. I will be reassembling this and if I can get it ticking with pressure on the barrel, I'll share more photos.
  15. To expand some on what @CaptCalvin touched on earlier, you have to be careful what parts you expose to acetone. In most cases, there are a few components that are essentially glued together using a natural shellac. The acetone dissolves this shellac and the parts come loose. The 3 most common parts that are shellacked are the pallet stones, roller jewel and occasionally the hairspring stud. I have made this mistake early on and have suffered with the struggle to get everything back in place. Ammonia is probably one of the more mild cleaners in addition to the ones @watchweasol mentioned above.
  16. Very handsome watch @Hopgoblin!
  17. Today I'm wearing my vintage Timex Marathon SSQ, quartz LCD. It totally looks like a watch that belongs on the island of misfit watches. It's brown, gold and homely! For me it's perfect. It's very 70's cheesy, I love it. Plus my wife said it looks like something her dad wore back in the day, I'm ok with that, lol.
  18. Is this a brand new NH36 movement? It sounds like something is in a bind in the date mechanism. If possible, please post some pics of the date mechanism without the day wheel. I'll compare it to mine and see if anything jumps out at me.
  19. Was it necessary to change out the day wheel to the 4 o'clock one? If so, did it get installed correctly?
  20. Just out of curiosity, I recorded one of my pocket watches in SLO mo just to see if I could estimate its amplitude. Looks like it's running about 270 degrees. Not too shabby for a 107 year old watch! 20200325_053612_001.mp4
  21. Just to clarify for the folks who may not know about amplitude, i.e., do I have enough, too much, etc, I'm posting a link to an article about balance amplitude. It's pretty informative, here is the key quote from that article in regards to our discussion here: "An amplitude that’s too low causes problems with timekeeping. Every time the watch changes position (especially a vertical position because of the higher friction of the balance staff), the amplitude drops. If it’s already low, to begin with, the amplitude will drop so low that it’ll affect the rate of the watch. An amplitude that’s too high can cause knocking or banking. That means that the impulse pin comes around entirely and hits the back of the pallet fork.The amplitude of a modern watch should be between 275 and 315 degrees. In a vintage watch, an amplitude between 250 and 300 degrees is fine." Very useful information. Original article.... https://wahawatches.com/watch-talk-whats-the-amplitude-of-a-watch/
  22. unless the hairspring stud is on an adjustable arm, you'll have to move the hairspring collet to tighten up that beat error. That will likely also improve your amplitude. Excellent progress!
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