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Hello!  I know this is a watch forum, but I believe that clock questions are also welcomed, so based on that, I hope that someone can point me in the right direction, on my question :

I have a wall clock ( not old - about 30 yrs ) which has a battery powered clock 'movement' . It has a powered pendulum and two different  1/4 hour  & hour chimes ( one is the Westminster chime ) which can be selected. Anyhow, the clock is of no antique value (obviously ) but is of sentimental value. For the past few months, the hands don't turn ( or do so, now and again, randomly ) and unless they cross the 15 min. / hour marks, there is no chime. The pendulum however continues doing it's thing. Now this clock was not expensive or of any big name and the hands / chime is a small  box / battery holder. I have looked online for a replacement, and have seen some very similar looking ones, but they don't have the chime ability ( electronic chime / speaker ) . I wonder if anyone knows if such a replacement unit is available, or what the search term is for it,  and where I might look for one?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Bobb,

Welcome to the group..

I had a quick look on ebay, this one turned up. If you are going to keep for sentimental reasons, look where this movement is there are cheap chime clocks, maybe cobble one up from one..



Also there are a lot of members on here that might know  other sources..


Good luck Len

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Hi Len and thanks for the swift reply! That appears to be the sort of thing I am looking for. as yet, I haven't taken the clock apart to actually see what the unit physically looks like, but it might me repairable, but TBH, I would imagine it is case of simply replace the whole unit. In the mean time, I'll leave this post parked here, and if someone swings by that has run across the same item. I will post some pictures, when I actually strip it down. In the mean time, thanks for the help!

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Depending where you are based it may be better to buy from a wholesaler such as Cousin here in the U.K, you say the clock is fitted with a pendulum so you will need a movement with a drive unit built in for the pendulum. As far as repair goes clock repairers would not waste time trying to they would just do a straight swap out of the movement, you need to identify the movement fitted cousins have Hermle and Seiko versions available:



Also bare in mind that you would need one with the correct shaft size.

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    • Same problem happens in other fields. The expertise and time required to do a repair or modification can often be way higher than the price of the item itself. Happens all the time in the computer field. Computer repair is generally a joke as true repair would be much too expensive. I just recently repaired a computer motherboard where the time and parts involved were way more expensive than the board itself but it was really satisfying to see it work. I have had a watch repaired where the cost of the repair was higher than the value of the watch. The repairer was very hesitant to give it a try but we went ahead with it with the understanding it was a best-effort kind of thing. Even if a repair appears simple, there is always the risk of the repairer causing damage and turning into something complicated. I'm learning watch repair but I wouldn't touch someone else's watch unless I knew things were totally fine should it turn to scrap. While a beginner may be able to help for cheap, it is risky for a beginner to help you too.
    • We have 4 clocks photos of front and the backs showing there movements. All you have to do is tell me what countries are they from. So you have A B C & D
    • I have recently ruined the coating of the plates of my PUW60 movement which is not that old that mentioned above. PUW60 Unfortunately I don't have pictures about the plates themselves, but you can see that yellow section under the balance wheel where the coating ended up at the bottom of my cleaning container, i did not understand first what are those shiny bits.
    • Thank you. I did contact a watch repair person and the cost was higher then the watch ifself. It's a similar conundrum to when a beginner starts looking for watch repair tools, can't afford the Bergeon ones and some cheap tools are too cheap. I know I'll get what I pay for, but I am after a new'ish watch enthusiasts who can do it for less the the price of a Seiko type watch. Our prayers go out to the thousands that are effected by the pandemic and in dire straights.
    • Have a look at some places where they change batteries. Some are good and able to do that as well.
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