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Elma watch cleaner on ebay.uk

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This is nothing to do with me, but whilst looking for spare parts for Elma cleaning machines, I noticed that this vintage Elma (similar to the one that Mark used in his Cleaning Machine video), appeared for sale today.

likely only of interest to UK readers, but it’s there all the same.

Vintage Elma watch cleaning machine.

if such a post is not allowed, please accept my apologies.

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If it is fully working then (depending on the price) it is a very good machine. This style of cleaner is manually operated so little to go wrong. The L&R vari-matic is a superior machine as it ultra sonic cleans and it runs automatically.  BUT they are substantially more expensive and can go wrong as I found to my cost.


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Ahh... that sounds like a painful experience! I hope it was not too expensive an experience to rectify. :mellow:

I just happened to spot it when looking around. I have had manual cleaning machines in my search list for a few weeks, hoping to find something like Mark was using. Only last weekend, I managed to win on a National Electric version, which was in good wiring condition, apart from a faulty heater (not an uncommon fault on this model). I agree, tat if anyone can find an automatic cleaner, it may be better overall, but I also recognised that for a hobbyist (like myself) an old manual machine could give better results than hand cleaning, so though I would share the link in case anyone else was looking.

The old one I got is now in bits and in process of being restored. All parts are cleaned and the painted parts are due for a light coat of "rattle can Hammerite Black" to spruce then up a bit. All of the wiring was original (fabric wrap insulation or worn out rubber), so that's gone now and I will re-wire it to current standards and PAT test it. Also I purchased a 200W PTC heater from Farnell (other electrical retailers are available :-) to replace the defunct heater. After an email conversation with Elma, I believe that this is effectively the same heating element that is used on their older RM80/90 series - so it should perform as well, if not slightly better than an older (and less safe these days) heating element.

Hope to be up and running but the end of the coming weekend.




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    • I've never used the Longines archive extract but it has to be applauded for offering this as a free service, I have however used the Omega extract service which has a charge attached to it, that service was also good and included the Model number and Name year of manufacture and which retailer originally sold the watch and in which country. I have also had good experiences with a company called Eberhard many years ago, I needed some parts for a old chronograph I  bought at a local auction  I needed a full set of hands a winding crown, and oval pushers, on the off chance they may still have these I wrote to them with the serial number and received a very nice letter back from them telling me that my watch had been manufactured in 1938 and was a two button 18ct rose gold chronograph and that they did have the parts and would be happy to supply them for 65 Swiss francs. Try doing that with any of the large manufactures, their response was a pleasant surprise. I had the watch for many years but sadly I had it stolen about 5 years ago.
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