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Is there a tool?

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For removing the oscillating weight from a Seiko 7S26 etc. watch movement. I can always use a screwdriver but the slot is actually quite long and it has the bearing race in the middle. Something with a split point I would assume. If one exists, can you point me in the correct direction? My primary goal is to not bugger up the screw slot. You have no idea what I'm really capable of in that area!

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1 hour ago, vinn3 said:

  does the counter  weight have a pressed in roller bearing?     on the few i have removed,   the bearing is in an assembly that  is srewed on.  vin

Think so. On 6309 and some other Seiko it's impossible to remove without breaking the oscillating weight or the bearing. 

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The bearing is non removable. A new counterweight has to be used if the bearings are damaged for any reason. Part of this, in fact a large part of this, is me being totally **BLEEP** about not abiding a buggered up screw head. It sends me into a low earth orbit and just shrieks of malpractice IMHO. I learned gunsmithing, up to a point, many years ago and my mentor was a stickler for never sending a piece back out with a damaged screw head in any area that he had worked on. To me, the only worse offense is to find a hair wrapped around a pivot when opening a used watch. 

If such a tool exists, I can't find it and I've really looked. I did find a Wiha 4mm x 70mm total length miniature screwdriver. I believe that I can use this to make a proper tool. I will dress the tip to fit into the slot exactly, then use a round file to remove enough metal from the center of the blade to provide proper relief for the bearing race. Other than that, I'm fresh out of ideas.

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