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  1. I tossed the cartridge razor years ago. I've purchased stainless steel double edge blades from Turkey, Pakistan, India and China. All shave remarkably well and for about .05 cents/blade, I think they're a bargain. I have a bit over 400 blades and I use each one for a full week. I won't be running short anytime soon. I also use a silvertip badger shaving brush, a hand thrown mug and an artisan produced shaving soap. Shaving each morning is a pleasure, not a chore. I've tried a straight razor but can't recommend it. It's an acquired skill and I never quite got it right. I have several doubl
  2. Try this link. Read the second post. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f21/skx007-style-bezel-insert-skx031-841116.html
  3. Only in today's corporate speak, it's referred to as maximizing a return on investment. I prefer to keep it simple. It's just plain greed and pretty ugly at that!
  4. A very small Catholic parish agreed with the priest that the trim around their mostly stone church was in bad need of a new coat of paint. Lacking much in the way of funds, they advertised for bids, emphasizing the need for economy. One local house painter of questionable reputation looked the job over and thought to himself, "I can make a quick buck here if I play my cards correctly". He submitted a very low bid and sure enough, the parish secretary phoned him a few days later to let him know that he had been awarded the job. The painter's plan was simple enough. He had just enough old paint
  5. In honor of Andy and all blondes: Two blonds were attending a series of lectures at a large nature conservancy regarding the flora and fauna of their area when the instructor suggested a one hour break so that the students could avail themselves of a quick walk to some nearby woods to put their newly gained knowledge to use. The two blondes, being the only ladies in the class paired up naturally. They were enjoying their walk when they happened upon some fresh tracks. "Oh look," said the first blonde. "Deer tracks". "No, responded the second blonde." Those are wolf tracks." "I'm cer
  6. In a similar vein: An old cowboy, who also happened to be blind, walked into a blonde biker chick bar without being aware of it's specific clientele. He just wanted a beer. He perched on a stool at the bar and order a cold one. When the bartender delivered his brew, he asked if she would like to hear a good blonde joke. A hush came over the entire bar as the bartender responded. "I'm a blonde and I can bench press 250 lbs. The lady on your right is blonde and she's a professional wrestler. The lady on your left is blonde and she teaches karate". "Are you certain that you want to tell a blonde
  7. The NH36 is the same basic movement as the 7S26, but with more jewels, hacking and winding. If you wish to keep the watch more functionally correct in respect to the the 7S26, why not buy a 7S36 movement? Exactly the same as the 7S26 but with two additional jewels. No hacking or winding either. Seiko 7S26C_36C.pdf
  8. The 7S26 movement has been claimed. It will be in the mail to its new owner tomorrow.
  9. According to this article in Fox news, watchmaker is number five on the list of the 25 top disappearing jobs in the USA. Bummer! https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/fastest-disappearing-jobs-in-us
  10. This is a very sharing, knowledgeable community so I would like to give something back and encourage others to possibly, do likewise. I've recently replaced the original 7S26a movement in my very early Seiko SKX007 diver with a 7S36a. There is nothing likely wrong with the old movement other than needing a thorough cleaning, oiling and regulating. My original diagnosis of a broken mainspring was in error. It is complete with day and date wheels. The original stem and crown are also included. It's absolutely free to anyone who wants it for a movement on which to practice your repair skills. I'l
  11. This is currently on the way to me. It's the first brand new watch that I've purchased in many, many years. No special occasion but the watch commemorates 1963, the year I graduated from high school. It is 42.5 mm in diameter which is right in the size range I prefer. It comes with either a black or silver bezel. I wanted the silver which was out of stock so I waited just a bit. If purchasing a new "anything" one should receive his heart's desire, not just what happens to be available. This one features a Miyota 6S20 movement with the smooth second hand. I've not personally seen that fea
  12. Andy, your continuing posts in this thread are a joy to read. Keep it up!
  13. I'm in agreement with Andy on this one. Totally. Manufacturers are pretty good at creating new names for old products. Supposedly it helps sell them. I have a Montblanc Diplomat 149 fountain pen that according to the manufacturer is made of "precious resin". It looks and feels exactly like injected molded plastic to me. At this point the only real differences between watch capacitors and watch batteries seems to be the material used in their manufacture and the discharge rate. A true capacitor will deplete instantly when momentarily shorted to ground. A battery will suffer a partial discharge
  14. It is indeed a capacitor, not a battery. The difference is that the capacitor can be recharged an infinite number of times where a battery, unless it's intended to be rechargeable, can't. Citizen would be a bit off the mark if they used batteries in an eco-drive. The whole idea is to present a package that is totally environmentally friendly. Seiko missed the mark with their kinetic drive watches. The original capacitors didn't have enough current flow to power the watch for an extended period. You never really see or hear Seiko referring to their kinetic line as "battery powered". Rather, the
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