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  1. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    Nice one Andy, but I can't help but wonder how that watch came to be. No branding at all is certainly not the norm. The chapter ring is a nice addition and I feel certain that it's a fairly recent design since it has the date but no day. More and more that complication is missing from new watches. Could you at least tell the country of origin from the movement when you had it open?
  2. TexasDon

    Dazor lamp repair

    I use the two tube, floating arm with a weighted base type, the model 2324. I'm posting this repair process because I'm fairly certain that these lamps are popular with all of the watchmakers to some degree. Mine is the twin fluorescent tube version. It developed an annoying habit of extinguishing itself without warning. The fault was traced to the on/off switch. This is sold on Dazor's website as part number 241A, currently priced at $19.40 USD. It is a double throw, 8 position switch which in my lamp utilizes only 6 of the positions. You will need a soldering iron of at least 100W power. There are a couple of minor points that will make the job go smoother for you. There are 4 screws on each end of the lamp underside. The upper and lower screws on each end allow you to remove the painted reflector and sockets as a unit. These screws while similar to the ones holding the sockets, are in fact slightly longer. Once the reflector and sockets are hanging loose, you will be able to mark the connections so as to not confuse them when reassembling. The two knurled nuts on top of the shade will release the on/off switch, allowing you access to remove the insulator and access the wires. Simply remove and replace wires one at a time and you can't go wrong. Reverse the process to reassemble your lamp, install the fluorescent tubes and you're done. Dazor has a repair section on their new website but as of yet, it's still under construction. I'm hoping that in the future they post wiring diagrams and part numbers specific to each lamp. These are highly useful lamps as well as being somewhat collectible. A repair of this type can be done for a very small amount. A new lamp of this model is over $400 USD. Ouch!
  3. TexasDon

    Future of Seiko 6L35?

    Seiko isn't always the most forthcoming regarding their future plans. I, for one, wouldn't be surprised to see some curtailment in their mechanical movement lineup as the buying pace of the last decade can't be logically maintained. Also, many of their higher end watches are intended for distribution to the JDM only. Seiko is on record as having expressed the sentiment that the US won't pay the price for an upscale Japanese movement when consumers can opt for a Swiss movement in the same price range or even a little higher. Be that as it may, nobody expects Seiko to shelve this movement. I look for limited distribution, primarily in the JDM but as the Philippines are considered JDM, it's only a short hop to the US from a dealer in that area. Plus, the US Navy's Pacific Fleet makes regular excursions to the western Pacific and that's a lot of sailors buying watches to bring home as gifts, personal use or for resale. It's a rather silly distribution scheme. Seiko is committed to shedding their lower priced reputation, even if it means squeezing distribution channels.
  4. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    Nice linen dial too. That particular watch has a lot going for it. I've been quietly taking my Seiko SKX007 apart again. I noticed that the day wheel was out of alignment with the date wheel by just enough to be annoying. I've been accused of being OCD and ADD in the past. I want everything to be perfect, just not for very long. Relax Andy, you aren't monopolizing the thread at all. I'll have several to post over the next few days and besides, your posts are always informative and worth reading.
  5. I've been researching this watch for hours on end and never even got close to identifying it. How did you com up with the answer?
  6. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    I'm glad that you took this particular plunge Andy. I've been looking at a somewhat similar version labeled, E. Howard & Co. Instead of pushers, it has an indented button on the side opposite the crown. I haven't looked for instructions yet but I'm considering it. the E. Howard version has Arabic numbers rather than Roman numerals but otherwise the dials are very similar. Curiosity may yet win out again. Nice job of getting yours operating again.
  7. Kudos to you for solving the problem. It isn't a clock that I expect to see often but if I do, I'll know how to change the battery.
  8. I have to say that's a bit odd. I'm now following this thread as I too would like to know the answer.
  9. They are nice watches, although their being so collectible has caused them to be a bit dear when buying one. How does the newer meca-quartz movement such as the Seiko VK61a compare to the original?
  10. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    I wore Timex watches for years. Actually, I wore them until my eyesight began to fade a bit, so now I wear watches the size of salad plates strapped to my wrist. I'm personally delighted to see so many reissues of old Timex models. Did anyone think that they would ever see the day when a new Timex, manual wind watch would fetch upwards of $160 at full retail? Perhaps I've been concentrating a bit too much on other brands! Very nice watch Andy. You certainly can't beat the price.
  11. TexasDon

    Watch of Today

    The Q&Q movement doesn't surprise me as at least one reference that I read associated the brand with Citizen. I don't think that I quite buy that as Citizen might provide movements but any complete watches produced by them wouldn't likely rely on movements from Russia or China. I like odd things, just not with "bitsa" movements so I'll look for this make in the future. Currently, I'm awaiting a microbrand Pilot type watch. I'll post it with the obligatory wrist shot when it arrives.
  12. TexasDon


    Try here: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/
  13. TexasDon

    Fake Omega

    I like it!
  14. I can't answer all of your questions but I can help on one. When flipping the movement over to remove the stem and crown, use a plastic movement holder such as the Bergeon 4040-P. I've never marred a dial with one of them. Some movements have a plastic movement holder which relieves you of the need for the above step. Most notably the Seiko models. The last time I installed a sweep chrono hand off the mark, I chose to remove all three hands in order to correct the problem so I would like to read responses on that issue as well.