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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone I decided to take a bold move on my amateur hobby and kick-off the service of my omega seamaster professional chronograph 300m, which is equipped with the Omega Cal 1154. I already did a detailed reading of the walkthrough posted by Lawson on the ETA 7750 (below). Fantastic piece of work! Thanks Lawson! Any insights if I will find many differences (if any) on the Omega Cal 1154, compared to the ETA 7750? Anyone knows if there are any available technical specifications chart for the Omega 1154? Many thanks
  2. I've just refurbished a rusty 1164 movement following marks video of the Valjoux 7750. It running like a dream. I have a new seamaster 300m dial for it but now need some genuine omega hands. Anybody know the ref numbers for silver skeleton hands to fit the 1164 please. Also while I'm on the subject does anyone know a site that references omega cases and compatible movements that fit? Thanks all !!
  3. Hello I have a ladies Omega Seamaster from the 80' Cal. 684 that i cleaned, oiled and installed a new mainspring in it. it is running 12-15 min slow per day. I will put a picture of the amplitude screen shot. i am new to watch repairing so any help and suggestions welcome. Thanks, Omar
  4. This is another one of my Grandfather’s watches. It had stopped running years ago. I decided to take the back off and have a look. First thing I noticed was a rusty crown shaft and one of the screws that holds the movement was rusty also. I removed the crown and the watch from the case. When I removed the crown it started running. I removed the rust from the crown and screw and reinstalled the crown with some lubrication. It has been running and keeping pretty good time for 3 days now. Help Request: I would like to ask for some help and guidance for finding the proper crystal for this watch. I have searched and searched but I can not match any of the numbers I have to anything I have found online. This really has me stumped. Here is the information I have with a few pictures also. Omega Seamaster Calendar Calibre: 502 Movement Serial Number: 17073574 Numbers inside case: KX6275 E76553 If anyone could steer me in the right direction to locate the proper crystal I would appreciate it.
  5. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am sure I'll be learning a lot. I recently purchased an old Omega Seamaster from a well known auction site. I took a bit of a gamble, it looked in a right old state with a cracked crystal, broken bracelet, covered in crud and with a slightly pitted dial. The reason I purchased it was I have never owned an Omega and always wanted an older style that could be restored. This one looked as if it had never or hardly ever been opened, and thus serviced. It has a 562 movement housed in a 166.003 case and with a crosshair dial. In taking the back off, the gasket was an off white colour and as hard as rock, it must have been the original. The movement initially looked to be clean but the rotor does need attention - to be expected I suppose as the watch is from 1966 according to the serial number. I've removed the old gasket, the easiest way was to pop out the crystal first, just used my thumbs for that, then I warmed up the case in hot water for about ten minutes, this softened the gasket enough to insert an old screwdriver to carefully remove the gasket in sections. I removed the steel bezel using a razor blade and gently pushing the blade between the bezel and case and using a rotating action, it popped off nicely. Lots of crud under that. I've given the case an ultrasonic clean and light polish ready to receive a new crystal. My question is this: I have sourced from Cousins a new crystal, PZ1543L, for the 166.003 case. Is this to be inserted with a press tool or by using the crystal lift/insert type?
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