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  1. I have not posted in a while. I'm still loving this new hobby! Just acquired a timegrapher...I just love the ticking noise. Just picked up a watch and threw it in to see it work...now to learn.
  2. Thank You oldhippy. I have seen that thread and many other, photos, sales flyers and manuals. I'm really looking for a diagram of the original layout with the C & E Marshall stake and stump numbers if someone had one floating around. Something like this one for K & D. If I end up figuring it out on my own I will make one and post it. Hoping someone has already done it and might share. Thanks again.
  3. Did you ever find any information on the layout of the Moseley tool Set order? I just bought one and it arrived a little jumbled.
  4. Looks Like 'True Love' to me.Nice!
  5. Stuart - Thank you! I am having trouble finding/searching though. Is this the correct place to search? http://cgi.julesborel.com Also you say drop the the EX(do you mean the KX?) that would mean search for 6275. When I do that I get nothing found. I also get nothing when I search for the part numbers you provided. I even searched the specific site with google site search. Please let me know, I appreciate your time and knowledge. Clayton
  6. I know I would probably need to remove the crystal to measure it precisely. I would rather not remove it at this time. the measurement below are as close as I could determine with the crystal still mounted on the case. Diameter: 29.464mm Height: 4.064mm Also I can not find a pz/px500 on Orfei - did you mean their pz/px 5000? If so this was as close as I could find but it still does not list my 6275 number. I was guessing the diameter might be 29.6 from all the researching I have done. I really wish I could find one I could match to the number on the case.
  7. There is no omega symbol on the current crystal. The crystal does have cracks around the edge as in the photos below. I agree it deserves a good proper service. Any help on locating a proper crystal would be appreciated.
  8. This is another one of my Grandfather’s watches. It had stopped running years ago. I decided to take the back off and have a look. First thing I noticed was a rusty crown shaft and one of the screws that holds the movement was rusty also. I removed the crown and the watch from the case. When I removed the crown it started running. I removed the rust from the crown and screw and reinstalled the crown with some lubrication. It has been running and keeping pretty good time for 3 days now. Help Request: I would like to ask for some help and guidance for finding the proper crystal for this watch. I have searched and searched but I can not match any of the numbers I have to anything I have found online. This really has me stumped. Here is the information I have with a few pictures also. Omega Seamaster Calendar Calibre: 502 Movement Serial Number: 17073574 Numbers inside case: KX6275 E76553 If anyone could steer me in the right direction to locate the proper crystal I would appreciate it.
  9. Thanks everyone. Yeah. Those oil disasters always take time to recover from. Going to have to wait a bit on a timegrapher. Note to self: Google timegrapher. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just re-assembled my first watch to where it started running. Nothing to really to see here. I'm just super excited.
  11. I was reading Mark's recommendation to this post below. Looks to me like he was giving this "advanced type" recommendation to another Guy getting his work station started. Anyway, I don't regret the purchase, I'm happy and proud to have them. Thanks for taking the time to share your personal knowledge with me.
  12. Believe me, I only bought the minimum amounts available. All recommended on this great forum... here: Plus a couple of clock oils for Dad. Oh Man! I still need Silicon Grease...Does it ever end?
  13. My first investment in oil. It sorta hurt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Dad just gave me another one of my Grandfather's watch he worn while in the Navy during WWII. Check out the band he worn it on. It seems to run about 6-12 hours and stops.
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