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  1. i thought you guys would like this [emoji1303]
  2. Crystal Replacement

    measuring the original crystal would work, if you have some calipers for that. otherwise like oldhippy said look for the case numbers
  3. $1000 scholarship

    congrats, wish you all the best
  4. Ladies Omega Seamaster 684 running Slow

    LoL ... yeah i will do that. i am a jeweler as well so my hands get dirty with rouge. but i work on the watches usually at home at my dedicated bench for watch repair. a little cleaner environment
  5. Ladies Omega Seamaster 684 running Slow

    or maybe soak it in Coca Cola... LOL
  6. Ladies Omega Seamaster 684 running Slow

    could i buff it with my pink wheel?
  7. Ladies Omega Seamaster 684 running Slow

    i checked the cannon pinion and it seems to have a little rust on it! would that cause the problem? and how do i clean that? thanks
  8. Ladies Omega Seamaster 684 running Slow

    thanks for the input , i will check that today[emoji1303]
  9. Ladies Omega Seamaster 684 running Slow

    i also did dip the mainspring in One Dip Solution
  10. Hello I have a ladies Omega Seamaster from the 80' Cal. 684 that i cleaned, oiled and installed a new mainspring in it. it is running 12-15 min slow per day. I will put a picture of the amplitude screen shot. i am new to watch repairing so any help and suggestions welcome. Thanks, Omar
  11. Mainspring Winder

    welcome to the forum, and just as a suggestion take your time and watch and read a lot. It will help you decide on the right tools to buy. It can be done by hand and since you only use it a few times a year, i would wait to find a good deal online, and you can always post pictures asking if a particular winder you find would work well for your needs. ~Omar
  12. Out of US customs lockup...

    i'm glad i don't live in Miami Raleigh NC is much safer i guess
  13. Screwdriver Sharpening