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Found 6 results

  1. I am after a clasp for an old digital junghans watch, I wasn't sure if this forum permits these requests? I did check the forum rules and it makes no mention of it only about selling. Can one of the more seasoned members help before I post the request? Thanks
  2. New Member 0 1 post Report post Posted 3 minutes ago Hi everyone, I'm Derek and moved to France about 10 years ago: I am old and technologically challenged and my punctuation will appear slightly odd as the fullstop on my computer has fully stopped! I have a Junghans Mega Solar and need to change part of the ceramic watch band which is , of course, on a silicone core! I have bought the part of the silicone core that I need on the internet, the ol
  3. Hello! I just want to give a head's up to anyone who's opening a jungahns J687 movement - the ratchet wheel screw is left-hand threaded. I found it the hard way - I had to replace the barrel arbour It didn't have the usual 3 line warning. Also I was used to the crown wheel screw being left-threaded.
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm an aspiring watch collector. I've just started, and I'm only just looking for watch that really catch my eye with movements that I find interesting, and are within budget. Right now, I'm looking at a Junghans Max Bill Automatic. Model: Max Bill Reference: 27.3500 Case No.: 706 Movement: Automatic / Automatic Basic Cal. ETA 2824-2 Case Material: Steel As you can see below, the watch is pre-owned and is showing a lot of use. That in itself is not a problem; I love how characterful well-worn watches look. But the dial on this watch is, in my feeling,
  5. Hello! Does anyone know the lift angle for a Junghans J687 movement? Thank you, Bogdan
  6. Hi I recently purchased an old Junghans Movement with dial and hands. I did some internet research and it turned out that this movement is older than me! K1 is stamped to the plate. K = 11th character = November, 1 stands for 1961 The first thing I did was demagnetizing the watch. The watch was fully wound after I got it and did not run. But that was an easy one: The hands are bent and block each other. After removing the hands, the movement started running immediately. Then I checked the movement with my brand new Weishi 1900 Time
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