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  1. I have a Junghans Mega 1 and have obtained a NOS strap but don't have a clasp for it. Does anyone have one or can point me towards a good source for one please? Thanks
  2. I am after a clasp for an old digital junghans watch, I wasn't sure if this forum permits these requests? I did check the forum rules and it makes no mention of it only about selling. Can one of the more seasoned members help before I post the request? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am trying to service an old sekonda 30 jewel watch. I have just broken a jewel shock spring which is for the balance wheel while trying to remove it to clean and oil the jewel. How should I have removed the spring for future reference and refit? I think I have found a replacement on Cousins, can some one confirm it's the right part before I order please? https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/poljot-movement-parts# Shock Spring, Poljot 2609 POL2609SHOCKSPRING
  4. Amazing feedback from everyone, thanks I have now ordered the part from cousins. It gets very expensive every time I visit that site.
  5. Thanks CaptCalvin, This confirms my thoughts, better to be cautious and use a washer, I can always remove it if the movement / dial combo causes issues. I have not seen specific washers advertised for the 7750, any recommendations on the size from the documentation, it looks quiet large relative to anything else I have used? Thanks Stuart
  6. Thanks very much for the feedback, So that is two no's and one yes. If it doesn't cause any issues I may add the foil just in case. Thanks @Lawson for the link to the servicing guide, I look forward to reading it. Stuart
  7. Hi, I am new to watch repair and have mainly been servicing simple eta movements for my own I have always wanted a chronograph watch and have found a watch based on a valjoux 7750 with a broken case. I want to put the movement into a new case but the dial is a day date and the movement is date only. I have sourced all the parts and have fitted them to the movement to add the day function. The donor watch didn't use a dial washer / foil, do I need to use one now I have added the day indicator? If I do need a foil, what size and where from? Thanks very m
  8. Hi, I am trying to remove a mechanism from a Rotary Kensington GS02490/06, it's a front loader, any suggestion? The front,hands and stem are removed.
  9. I think you hit the nail on the head, the rear of the case does have a small dark circle which I thought was resin? I guess this must be how to introduce air into the ceramic case. Is the bung re-usable or will I need to replace it once removed?
  10. Thanks very much for the link to the video, I had already watched it but couldn't see how to apply this technique to the waterproof watch with no stem or crown, it only has buttons which will all be water proof and I assume air tight. The glass is also flush to the case so I can't use an extractor tool, so I am stumped. All advise gratefully received
  11. Thanks very much for the quick response, now you will have to really dumb it down for me. How do I remove the glass with compressed air?
  12. Hi, I have a non-functioning Junghans Ceramic Mega Solar watch, How on earth do you open these to get at the rechargeable battery please? Model 018/1610
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