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  1. It was a busy weekend , but I managed to give the Seikomatic a Spa treatment . I also installed a watch-strap I had that was too tight so I put a spring-loaded extension link on it . When I took off the case back it had 3 service markings in the inside that were ink stamps . I tried to preserve them but the acetone got to them , probably from my fingers , and they washed off...[darn ]. In saying that I am saying that I haven't done my own service yet , but the movement is running great and keeping good time . I serviced and cleaned another Seiko 5 Sportmatic with a crosshair black dial and got my first non-running Accutron running by taking out the teeney tiny bent index and pawl fingers , straightening them out [similar to a hairspring , only smaller ] , reinstalling and aligning the fingers , putting a new battery in and pushing in the crown to cancel the hack , and did a couple of back-flips when the thing started running . Oh what a feeling .....oh yeah , I also put a new movement in my Seiko Flightmaster chronograph. But back to the 39 jewel Sportsmatic ,...I took a few pics to share .
  2. Thanks Timothy , About 3 weeks ago this same swap meet vender pulled a baggie out of a bag he had and showed me 3 watches and 1 pocket-watch he had . He quoted $120 for all four . The pocket-watch was beat-up and I don't collect them any way , one watch looked OK , but it was a quartz and I wasn't interested . I asked how much for the other 2 . One was an accutron 218 not running and one was a Vintage Seiko Sportsman . Running , but dirty , the case and crystal were scratched , the stem and crown came out and the crown was so worn you couldn't use it to wind the watch anyway . I picked up the 2 watches for $40 . The accutron will need some work so I put it away for later . I took the Seiko apart and cleaned and serviced it . The yoke had come off of the clutch so you couldn't get the stem in properly . I polished the crystal and lightly polished the case and case back . I have an assortment of vintage crowns so I got one that fit the stem and had to file down a tube on the case and a bit of the bottom of the crown to make it fit and work . I installed a nice NOS Lizard Leather watchband I got a few weeks ago . I went back to the swap meet a week later and showed the vender the watch . He couldn't believe it was the same watch . especially the new crown . He said he was glad that someone could bring it back to life again and make it look good .
  3. They made the Accutron Astronaut GMT in the late sixties, it's a collector http://www.mybulova.com/taxonomy/term/333?page=3
  4. What about this one. http://www.watchalyzer.com/bulova-accutron-watches/gemini/bulova-accutron-gemini-gmt-watch/
  5. Hello Stuart, A lot of the Accutron PDFs refer to two major oils, OL207 which is now Moebius 8201 and OL219 which is now Moebius 9020. Which model Accutron are you going to repair. Cheers, Vic
  6. I picked these up this year...It was an Accutron , Omega year.... Blue Ripplss.... Constellation.... Seamaster
  7. Howzit ramrod , Happy Holidays to you and all the members . I really do like and wear my Astronaut . Since I bought it I have installed a new crystal and changed out the watch band to a coffin link bracelet that I had on a vintage Seiko DX . I swapped the deployment clasps also . Believe me when I say that I would not dissuade you or anyone from getting a watch that they had their sights on . ...But as far as the Accutrons go , they ARE a different breed . If you decide to get one I suggest that you read up on them first , get one that is running , and know that they are not as easy to work on as say , a mechanical watch or even a Quartz . If you need to get one serviced there are sites [even advertised on Ebay ] , that do a flat rate service for a little under $200 . I am still learning to service them , starting with the 218 model . I have bought and am still buying watches , movements , and parts , running and not , the tools and meters to service them , the tech manuals , and even a new stereo microscope with a camera port and camera so I can see them on my monitor . So far I have about 10 complete working watches , and 2 or 3 works in progress . I even have a Citizen Hisonic which is the same tuning fork movement . FYI , there is also a Bulova Astronaut Limited Edition with a Swiss ETA automatic movement . That one is on my wish list . It has a crystal presentation back and is signed by the Astronaut Buzz Aldrin . A little pricy , but very nice . I hope I shed a little light about these beautiful Accutron movements....
  8. So I have two links with some additional information about the Accucells irst link it's at the bottom of the page. Second link is from the person who is selling these http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/accbat.htm.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Accucell-1-Battery-For-Bulova-Accutron-Power-Cell-/231786028602 Then a slightly different link mercury batteries were just a problem for watches their problem for other things. So you read all the way through this or skim through it they do talk about the diodes it might be possible adapt one of their diodes release give you a clue as to what you're looking for. http://www.butkus.org/chinon/batt-adapt-us.pdf Then the original one of these my understanding was they use the resistor to drop the voltage later ones use a Diode. Then the link below is a picture of the internal construction. http://www.accutron214.com/accutronparts/pages/batteries.htm
  9. Hi ramrod , I believe that the only watches that will hum are the tuning fork watches....Bulova Accutron , Citizen Hisonic , Omega f300 , Longines Ultrasonic and others . Most other electrics use a balance and pallet fork to drive gears , therefore tick . I just checked a Hamilton electric I have and it was ticking away as was my Elgin , Gruen , and Timex electrics . The innards of the electrics are interesting to look at , but if not used for a while it seems that they all need a shake back and forth to kick start them . After going through my electric watch phase I think that I'll stick to Accutrons and Mechanicals , although I like the look of the Seiko chronographs . I just don't care for their finicky circuit blocks [circuit boards ] .
  10. well, i received said watch today - just about an hour ago. i examined it and moved the pinion spring as anil suggested. i don't have a battery to put in it. i've contacted the owner of the link that johnr725 posted for me (http://electric-watches.co.uk ) . i'll wait to hear back from him (paul) to see what battery to install in it. when i pull the crown it pulls, not stiffly but with more effort than an auto or hand winder that i'm used to, but as it's pulled out, the minute hand advances about 7 or 8 minutes each time. it's kind of funny to watch it. 7 or 8 minutes each time. i'm anxious to see if it has a sound when it runs. does anyone have an electric that could tell me? i know this is a bit old school as compared to, say an accutron, but i'm hoping it has a hum to it. it is definitely NOS. this watch band has probably never even been strapped to a wrist. it is arrow straight and has no marks on it. the case is slightly tarnished and could use a polish. but there's not a dent in it or a scratch anywhere. the crystal ha a mark around the 7 o'clock position. it looks like it could polish out. i might just get this running (hopefully) and wear it for a while. then......see ya! lol who knows.
  11. And some you win ! The engine room is fully functional George with a new battery inserted and would you believe the pointers are moving as well. There is a slight blemish to the left of the tuning fork insignia but I have decided to leave it alone for now and just check the accuracy is ok. The Vendor has put a new brown seiko calfskin strap on it which, though not quite right for the SS watch will also do for now. So I have a fully functional Accutron 2210 - total cost £38.00 which will do for me - question is - will I ever sell it on (wife laughs in the background) - OK probably not. Cheers, Vic
  12. Here are a couple of PDF's for the 221X mechanism. In the past I have posted info for the 214 and 218 only so this is an addition for Bulova tuning fork Watches. The 2210 has a quite funky tuning fork with its curvy tines. The Index wheel has 270 teeth and the watch Hums at 440HZ which some of the musicians amongst us may recognise. Anyway before I drift off on one here is the info:- Accutron 221.pdf Technical Letters 2.pdf Cheers, Vic
  13. Which Accutron models do you have? I have quite a few parts for the 214 and 218 in stock, as I repair them. Also have the 2200 and 2300 parts as well. I am in the Us not sure where you are located. I will be glad to try and assist you just let me know.
  14. Hey Ricardo, Thanks for sharing the pictures of the accutron. I like it very much especially the double crown that I am guessing is to turn the inner bezel to let one know when...well, when oxygen is running out--It is a diving watch after all! I love the Bulova line and all their quirky case shapes and styles throughout the year. i have discovered that they aren't that easy to work on for a number of reasons, and strangely enough there are some similarities to Omega in their workings. Here are some pictures of the movement of my Oceanographer 666. J Thanks for posting! J
  15. Hi Joe , glad to here that you put your studies first , and working on watches is a good way to relax your mind and body . I have the cousin to your Bulova Oceanographer 666 diver ,.....An Accutron Deep Sea 666 diver I had picked up at the swapmeet . It looked good when I got it but found out when I opened it up that the movement was incomplete and the winder for the inner rotating bezel was stuck ....looked like rust but was happy to find out that the winder gear was made of brass. So some ultra sonic cleaning and both baking soda and also vinegar treatments freed everything up . I bought some donor Accutron parts and that puppy is working good now. This watch was my introduction to Accutrons .
  16. One of our problems for this discussion is the name Accutron. To us it has a very clear definition of mechanical tuning fork watches. The Bulova later on it was something nifty to put on the dials of quartz watches. They could use it on the grounds that the quartz crystal was in a tuning fork shape. So I've had people asked me about their tuning fork watch and have to explain that it's not a real tuning fork watch even if Bulova claimed it was. Then the website below the entire website is very interesting the page that I have below as something you probably haven't seen before. http://www.decadecounter.com/accutron/clones.htm
  17. I gotta share this .....I got my first non working 218 Accutron running today . Granted it did humm when I put in a battery , but the index and pawl fingers were both out of alignment with the index wheel and the pawl index finger was bent and twisted . I managed to straighten it out a bit and align both index fingers and jewels with the index wheel including the proper hack spacing on the pawl jewel . I did have to use my 10x loupe and my new new 7x - 45x stereo microscope to do this .....but it's running on my wrist . Step 2 is to take it apart now , clean and lube it and put it back together....YIKES !! I have some spare movements I can practice on . Baby steps at this time . The stereo microscope is attached in the link : http://www.amscope.com/stereo-microscopes/7x-45x-trinocular-stereo-microscope-with-80-led-light-1-3mp-usb-digital-camera.html
  18. Have you tried googling accutron repair uk Comes up with a nice list. So Worldwide there still are few people repairing tuning fork watches out there even though parts are getting hard to find if not perhaps impossible depending upon what you're looking for. After all they came out about 50 years ago and the parts probably weren't met to last forever at least the supply. The link below is somebody repairing electric watches strangely enough he doesn't appear to do quartz watches? Then the really outstanding feature this website is his obsession with electric watches and putting all about on the website. So there's a really impressive website a lot of knowledge on electric watches. Although might not be that helpful apparently he's in the process of moving someplace and won't be taking work in until sometime in December. http://electric-watches.co.uk/service-and-repair/
  19. I contacted a respected watch repairer to ask about repairing Bulova accutron tuning fork watches. The reply came back that parts were impossible to source so he couldn't help me. Does anyone on this form repair these watches. I have 2 that were working but now don't and I would prefer to pay for the repairs rather than go through the whole process of trying to learn how to do it myself. Life's too short to start another field, I just want to get to grips with mechanical watches. I started this thread because another member posted about receiving coils which were damaged in the post and it got me thinking.
  20. Got some coils delivered for an Accutron 218 (£19.61) but unfortunately the packaging was less than robust. The vendor attached the coils in packets to a bit of card and put them in a bubble envelope which has subsequently been stood on or put through a machine. The postage was free and he says he has sent out lots like this without problem - so just my bad luck I suppose. Initial contact seems positive however, for a replacement or partial refund ! - heres hoping. Cheers, Vic
  21. Hi All . Well I finally got an Astronaut !! I had been searching for a while , and bidding once in a while , but just missing on closing the deal at the last seconds a couple of times . I had this one in my Ebay watch-list and decided to pay a little more for one that had just been serviced by a watchmaker that specializes in accutrons , in New York . I made an offer that the seller accepted . The seller lives in Virginia . When I got the watch I could not set the hands so I contacted the seller . He in turn contacted the watchmaker who said he guarantees his work , so send it to him and he would take care of the problem . The seller paid for the postage and $500 insurance to New York and the watchmaker paid for the postage to get the watch back to me . It was delivered today and runs great . I had a new crystal waiting for it and I Installed it this evening .... I'm stoked . The attachments are the sellers pics ....... The watchmaker installed an Accucell 1.35 volt battery , which is the original operating voltage for the Accutrons . The actual watch with new crystal and the watchband look much better than the pics .
  22. I am interested to hgear what tools would work to extract a winding stem. I have an accutron in the same boat that I don't want to disassemble.
  23. Parts on sale on the Bay and I have posted the PDF covering the repair Vintage ORIGINAL Bulova Accutron 2185 Part 648 Hour Setting Stem Pair w/ Info Bulova-Accutron-2185- Pages 58 to 71 Supplement for Hour and Date Settings Manual.pdf though you will still need to get a button. Good luck, Cheers, Vic
  24. This may help out with Accutron 2185 problems Bulova-Accutron-2185- Pages 58 to 71 Supplement for Hour and Date Settings Manual.pdf Cheers, Vic
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