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  1. I have a Seiko, marked on the case back as 7019 - 7060, which I would like to CO&A. Can anyone tell me how I could find a video walkthrough to guide me ? Many thanks, Mike
  2. Hello Texas Don, yes I did manage to refit it after I was advised as to how to remove it. I got it out, shortened it and tightened the crown, refitted it and now it's perfect. Job well done. Thanks for your interest, All the best, Mike
  3. I've been asked by a friend to look at his Seiko 7019 - 7060 which is running ridiculously fast. Never worked on one of these so am unsure about stripping it down. The main symptom which I can see is the balance wheel is only moving a total of about 90 deg, hence the fast running. Any ideas would be welcome as to what is wrong with it. Also does anyone know where I can obtain Seiko diagrams etc. Many thanks in advance, Mike
  4. I'm having difficulty removing the case back on a Seiko 5ACTUS. There are no slots to give a blade a start. I've tried finest blade I have ( but not a razor blade ) and no amount of pressure will allow me to start it lifting. This is the first time I have been defeated by a case back. Am I missing something? HELP PLEASE !!!!
  5. Hello Max, you have answered my question. I thought that ( only using my specs ) the dimple you mentioned was a tiny cross head screw but as you said it releases the stem. I have no intention of working on this watch as it is running and keeping perfect time and anyway I know that it is beyond my capability to do so. I have had it for a while but someone, not me has fitted a new stem and not got the length correct so there is a gap or not tightened enough as the button unscrews when i reverse wind it so I just want to attend to that. I asked about cleaning the back of the movement as it is a bit stained. I wondered if anyone knew what to use with a cotton bud just to make it look better. Obviously I would keep well away from the mechanism, just gently clean the flat plate keeping the bud almost dry. Any way thanks for helping me, I will fix the stem so that it is correctly fitted and then sell it. I have realised that the electronic Omegas and Accutrons which I have need to be got rid of before they get problems which I can't repair myself and I end up with watches that have to be sold for parts. Thanks again and all the best, Mike
  6. Hi, can anyone tell me how to release the winding stem and button on this watch please. Omega Electronic f300Hz DEVILLE CHRONOMETER I have tried loosening the ss screw just above the rh coil but this has no effect. Also it looks the same as several others so I don't think that is the one. Other watches seem to have a sort of dimple to press but there is nothing like that on this movement. Am I missing something obvious? Also is there any way without stripping the movement that I can remove the light staining on it. Just to make it look better.
  7. We fill our house with as many people as want to come. My grandchildren keep me young.
  8. Hello again. Following my request for help finding a watch back the only option seems to be fitting a low dome crystal instead so the back becomes see through, curtesy of philipk5 My question is how much bigger than the actual size of the hole should a watch crystal be to ensure a tight fit but still fit in. The diameter measures 27.8mm and as it's only a cheap watch which I want to fix as usable for my son but I don't want to spend loads of money buying a range of sizes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  9. Thanks clock boy and everyone who answered my post. I think I will leave it for the time being and take philipk5's suggestion as a part solution.
  10. There are no numbers or marks on the case. I think it's just a cheap watch made of brass, I was hoping it would be gold but no luck. It's of no real value. I'm just after a cheap back to fit and was hoping someone would know of a supplier of generic bits.
  11. Can anyone help please? I have a wrist watch marked " KEP ( in a diamond shaped box ), 17 Jewel, Shockproof " which is missing its back cover. A snap fit, the diameter is 27.8mm. Where can I get a replacement. Any advice is much appreciated, Thanks
  12. Burn it indoors in a large can. It,s only lighter fuel. Make sure you soak it up with a cloth or cotton wool first. I have a large man made rock with a hole part way through the middle. It's meant to burn indoors as a feature. Don't be afraid of it a small amount will not cause any problems. Just do'nt try to pour more in while it is still alight.
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