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  1. Hi, watchweasol, thanks a lot for helping. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks jdm. I suppose that I should have asked that question first. It just seemed that there needed to be one. Anyway now I know.
  3. Can anyone help me to locate parts lists for Seiko 6119 - 8190 and Seiko 7019 -7080 I remember seeing them here at some time but can't find them again. What I am searching for is large case back washers, if they are required.
  4. I have very fine solid carbide drills which I'm sure would drill it out. If you got the clasp separated from the buckle and sent it to me I would try to do it for you but obviously no guarantees.
  5. Does anyone here know how to get a fine screw out that has broken at the slot so only half remains but not protruding. It's about 1 mm dia I think
  6. The buckle is a separate part from the bracelet so all that matters is the length of the tubes on the ends of it. if they are the same size you can take the one off the bracelet you buy and fit it to your own. That will keep the watch original. You will have to contact the seller and ask for an exact measurement. Can you post the Ebay item no. here please.
  7. Can you get the screw to turn with fine pliers?
  8. Slightly different to mine but I can see the screw on the pusher which you mentioned. I'm sure that if you take that one out then the pusher will slide out together with what ever type of spring is in there. I you post a picture of the dis-assembled bits someone may have a suggestion how to fix it. You can't do any harm to it. If you can't make a spring you may be able to swop the bits from the one on Ebay. Keep us in the picture
  9. Is it a genuine Omega bracelet that you have? They are always numbered, mine is the same and it says 1315/282. Not sure but I think the first part is the bracelet style and the second part is the end fitting which goes into the watch. You have to look at the part which is against your skin to see it. Also before you spend a load of money have a look the part you press in to release, mine has a screw so that you can get the slider out then the spring. You may be able to repair it quite simply. Can you do some more photos which show the whole of the bracelet and both sides of the buckle.
  10. The nut you have undone is only part of the micrometer mechanism, nothing to do with the mounting of the unit. As I said in my earlier post try loosening screw L which I think locks it in place. also try undoing the Ring H. Something frees it up and allows it to move back and forth
  11. You shouldn't have any trouble. Once you have the two spindle flats touching in the centre of the table all you have to do is adjust the location of the micrometer scale, as with any micrometer they can be altered easily. It is normal practice.
  12. it looks to me that if you loosen the two screws A & B then move the micrometer away from the table, move shaft C, which is now loose to the middle of the table E. Tighten the two screws A & B You should the have the meeting point of the two shafts in the middle of the table and both point will be able to meet each other.
  13. I just thought it would be easier to use a Pump rather than fetching off the Back, Stem + Case Clamps then pressing out the crystal and having to do it all in reverse to put it back together. No particular Seiko but I have done a couple recently with flat glasses that press in and out.
  14. I know that the Glass Removing Pump is a good way to get domed crystals off front access watches to do a quick repair on the fingers but has anyone had experience of them and will they work with Seiko flat glasses which are pressed in. They are not cheap but if ok could save loads of time.
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