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  1. Alaskamick

    Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

    PS. I've just watched the video and I think I will soon own one of these.Thanks again, Mike
  2. Alaskamick

    Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

    Thanks a lot VWatchie. Very helpful.
  3. Alaskamick

    Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

    A great collection. I've been drawn to Russian watches lately but knowing nothing of the names I'm unsure what's good and what isn't. Have you any pointers to guide a Russian novice ?
  4. Alaskamick

    Armani Watch Repair (AR5713)

    I have more 6mm spring bars than I will ever use and all you really need to get them in is a small pocket knife. If they fit then it's a ten minute job. If you want me to send you some ( no charge ) then send me an email with your address. Best wishes, Mike
  5. Alaskamick

    Hello from New Mexico!

    Hello Macombering, welcome to the forum. This place is full of people with loads of experience who are always friendly and quick to help with our problems. With your experience we may be asking you for help. Best wishes and good luck, Mike
  6. Alaskamick


    I'll try to get one posted asap. Thanks a lot.
  7. Alaskamick


    I have a Seiko 8F35 which I am tinkering with. Can someone tel me how to release the crown and stem from the movement. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hello Alvis, I recently did exactly the same as you and I finished up with a great machine fully refurbished. Sadly I didn't take any photos but did follow SSTEEL's posts for guidance. I did find the manual for the cleaner. I think it is the same one but there may be some differences. If you would like a copy I can send it in pdf. format to you. Also if you need any help then just contact me and I will try to do so. Best wishes, Mike
  9. Alaskamick

    Help with OMEGA

    Thanks for all your help with my problem, I do appreciate it but I'm going to terminate the thread for a while. I have massive problems at home which is taking all my time for a few weeks. I will resurrect it as soon as things are better. Thanks, Mike
  10. Alaskamick

    Help with OMEGA

    Thanks JohnR725
  11. Alaskamick

    Help with OMEGA

    Thanks clockboy, although it doesn't actually show the assembly it is fantastic for the spares. Following up oldhippys post I looked at Cousins site and wasn't able to find anymore calibres but the one you posted actually had a stamp across the corner indicating that it came from Cousins so I will get on to them and see if they have more in their files which I could have. I think it may just be a matter of detective work but I'm sure the information I want is out there somewhere.
  12. Alaskamick

    Help with OMEGA

    Thanks oldhippy only good for parts on one calibre. I really need assembly guidance. I was hoping that somewhere there would be a list of all movements which you could download as required.
  13. Alaskamick

    Help with OMEGA

    Hello oldhippy, the calibre is 552 and the case is 165.0070. Geo you are correct I'm after somewhere that I can get information on lots of different calibres so that I can get information in the future should I have the need to do work on them. The only problem I have with this one is that I can't seem to screw the back right down. I fetched it apart to get the back polished which was extremely successful. When it came to refitting the back it just will no go right down. There is a correct fitting sealing washer and also a wavy steel washer as well. I was after a diagram to confirm how this are supposed to be fitted or whether the metal washer shouldn't actually be there.
  14. Alaskamick

    Help with OMEGA

    HI, can anyone help me with finding parts lists for Omega. Prior to the change in policy I could find anything about part no's. etc from the Omega site but now all that is available ( that I can find ) are details of movement no's and case no's. I'm really looking for movement and case assembly details with drawings and part no's. I have quite a collection of Omegas and am often in need of these. Any help or advice gratefully received.
  15. Alaskamick

    Seagull movements

    I have previously assembled a few watches for friends using ETA movements ending up with nice looking watches which work as required. What is the opinion of the knowlegable people here of Seagull movements? Does anyone have personal stories, horror or good, based on the usage of seagull, not just hearsay. Am I going down the wrong route using cheaper movements? I would be grateful for any advice from your experiences. Thanks, Mike