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  1. Alaskamick

    Fitting a watch crystal

    Hi JerseyMo, It's a snap back.
  2. Alaskamick

    Fitting a watch crystal

    Hello again. Following my request for help finding a watch back the only option seems to be fitting a low dome crystal instead so the back becomes see through, curtesy of philipk5 My question is how much bigger than the actual size of the hole should a watch crystal be to ensure a tight fit but still fit in. The diameter measures 27.8mm and as it's only a cheap watch which I want to fix as usable for my son but I don't want to spend loads of money buying a range of sizes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  3. Alaskamick

    Find a Case Back

    Thanks clock boy and everyone who answered my post. I think I will leave it for the time being and take philipk5's suggestion as a part solution.
  4. Alaskamick

    Find a Case Back

    There are no numbers or marks on the case. I think it's just a cheap watch made of brass, I was hoping it would be gold but no luck. It's of no real value. I'm just after a cheap back to fit and was hoping someone would know of a supplier of generic bits.
  5. Alaskamick

    Find a Case Back

    Can anyone help please? I have a wrist watch marked " KEP ( in a diamond shaped box ), 17 Jewel, Shockproof " which is missing its back cover. A snap fit, the diameter is 27.8mm. Where can I get a replacement. Any advice is much appreciated, Thanks
  6. Alaskamick

    Disposal of cleaning fluid

    Burn it indoors in a large can. It,s only lighter fuel. Make sure you soak it up with a cloth or cotton wool first. I have a large man made rock with a hole part way through the middle. It's meant to burn indoors as a feature. Don't be afraid of it a small amount will not cause any problems. Just do'nt try to pour more in while it is still alight.
  7. Alaskamick

    Disposal of cleaning fluid

    I would soak it up with cotton wool, take it outdoors, put it in an open can and set fire to it. Will quickly burn away.
  8. Alaskamick

    Werid watch luck

    Hello and welcome to this forum Jjersy973 I have a solar powered G-shock which is absolutely amazing. The only problem with it is that the adjustments are so difficult for a moron like me and the instruction booklet is very difficult to understand. However, I have to answer to that problem as soon as I realise that something is amiss I get my son to adjust it for me. He always say " Dad just read the book, It's easy " I think the answer will be somewhere in the instruction as I had the same problem and my son put it right with no difficulty. all the best, Mike
  9. Alaskamick

    Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

    PS. I've just watched the video and I think I will soon own one of these.Thanks again, Mike
  10. Alaskamick

    Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

    Thanks a lot VWatchie. Very helpful.
  11. Alaskamick

    Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

    A great collection. I've been drawn to Russian watches lately but knowing nothing of the names I'm unsure what's good and what isn't. Have you any pointers to guide a Russian novice ?
  12. Alaskamick

    Armani Watch Repair (AR5713)

    I have more 6mm spring bars than I will ever use and all you really need to get them in is a small pocket knife. If they fit then it's a ten minute job. If you want me to send you some ( no charge ) then send me an email with your address. Best wishes, Mike
  13. Alaskamick

    Hello from New Mexico!

    Hello Macombering, welcome to the forum. This place is full of people with loads of experience who are always friendly and quick to help with our problems. With your experience we may be asking you for help. Best wishes and good luck, Mike
  14. Alaskamick


    I'll try to get one posted asap. Thanks a lot.
  15. Alaskamick


    I have a Seiko 8F35 which I am tinkering with. Can someone tel me how to release the crown and stem from the movement. Thanks for any help.