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  1. Thanks for your advice. I haven't seen the quartz quick clean before. It could be handy in some cases. Anyway, I think I'm too afraid to test it with accutron. It will probably flush away all oil from jewels (if there is any left...) and I'm very concerned about coils not to ruin them. I think too that disassembling would be the only right method to clean the movement, but probably its best not to do it myself. I don't have for example stereo microscope for adjusting indexing mechanism...
  2. Thanks both for your advice. I'm not concerned about the accuracy, I'm actually very pleased to it, I'm only concerned if it will make some harm to the movement that the fingers are that dirty. I think it looks like brass oxidation as it is green.... could it be that the watch has been sitting for a very long time, and the index wheel toothed surface has been oxidised? When the new battery has been put to the watch and it has started, the jewels have "brushed" the oxidation away, and it has remained to the jewels? I have cleaned mechanical watches, and I'm not afraid to disassemble the gear train of the Accutron, but I'm not sure if I'm capable to handle the indexing mechanism.... And here in Finland is just a few watchmakers who even knows what a tuning fork watch is and those watchmakers has started on 70's, younger ones haven't even heard about them :rolleyes: . If it is safe to just let it run, I will keep it as it has been until now. If the mechanism is stiff, it will drain the battery quicker, right ? It should run with AG10 battery for approximately 11 months, am I right ? Thanks for your opinions, very appreciated ! It is no use to trying to discuss about technical matters at Finnish FB-groups, people is just bragging about how expensive watches and cars they have .....
  3. My comment is a bit too late now, but its best to start with some cheap pocket watch. The parts are bigger and you get used to handle them. Then its easier to get working with wrist watch movements. And if possible, a dollar watch first as its possible to break something. Sent from Samsung A3 with Tapatalk
  4. These photos are not from the dirty watch but from my other accutrons. The one with dirty fingers is running very well actually. Losing one minute in six weeks, pretty good for a 43 years old watch I think ! Sent from Samsung A3 with Tapatalk
  5. Didn't know how to use photo upload... hope I now succeed
  6. Hello, I am new at this forum, and I have a question right at start. I have got an accutron for a year, and I looked into it with a microscope first time (only with loupe earlier). I found out that fingers are dirty, looks like oxidation. I put photo of them. Is it possible to clean them without disassembling the movement? I have read that someone has applied naphta to the index wheel while running... Thanks in advance for help! BR Jukka
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