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Help with assembly seiko 6145-8000

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I have said this many times on the forum. Ronsonol lighter fluid is shellac friendly. You could leave any watch part that has shellac on it in ronsonol for days. Just remember it evaporates very quick, so you need a pot with a screw lid.

It is always good practice in whatever cleaning fluid and rinse you chose to read the instructions and see if it is suitable for your needs. In my time, I used L& R cleaner and rinse and found them to be excellent. They were shellac friendly then. Today they might have changed the formula, so be careful.  

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I would design the pallets/fork with slots for the pallets to slide in the fork and stay put. Or ,if the pallets adgustments are left for the assembly line, I would design fixture to hold the pallets in the right position to get shellac- ed. I certainly wouldn,t  count on shellac friendship.And about the heat, I warn you not to stand under the sun light or risk getting de-shellaced.

OH is right again, you just can,t be sure of the qualities,  be it oil, grease etc.

One might as well  get some grease off of this guy :bbq:.

The moments you spend laughing are happyy.

Regards joe

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    • As we used to say in the lube industry, its like making a cake.  All the ingredients are available and there are many recipes but its how good it tastes when its all put together !!!    
    • Hello and good afternoon to all.
      OK, here is another little horological teaser for you to get your heads around. I have this great OASIS lady's (?) B270 watch that I got in a set to be repaired. It actually only needed a battery and works great. However, the strap DEFINITELY needs replacing! AND here is my problem. I just CANNOT figure out HOW to get the spring bar out.
      Actually, I am not sure it IS a spring bar. I have tried hard with all manner of tools (spring bar removers, screwdrivers, sharp knives etc.) to get the spring to release, but no joy. I took the strap off by hand, so you can see the photos to see what I have. I really HOPE it IS a spring bar, but if so, HOW to get it out?? And if it is NOT, then HOW to fit a new strap on other than by glue? Also, as an aside to all this, does ANYONE know how to set the date on this watch? 
      But first things first eh! As far as I can tell, there are NOT two positions that you can pull out the crown to. But I could well be wrong.
    • Hi friend, welcome and all good wishes for your success. Regards, Mike.
    • There are three different types of stand/holder for this microscope I have seen on eBay. This one on a (sort of) rigid stand, one with what looks like a flexible gooseneck style stand and one on a tiltable suction based stand. You could therefore get one you could angle if wanted - you may even be able to buy the stands seperately as the microscope is the same. Stephen
    • Welcome, Franks enjoy the forum.