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Does anyone love Seiko Divers as much as I do?

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They are fantastic divers watches ,Seiko have always offered good value dependable watches and I have quite a few in my collection both quartz and automatics, the only fly in the ointment with Seiko as a company is there tendency to change models and designs like I change my socks this can make it impossible to get case parts, bezel inserts or bracelet links for even very recent models because no one carrys the spares because Seiko dont produce them once a model is dropped from the range.

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Nothing wrong with a Seiko diver (or any other Seiko pretty much!). And spares can often be found, although they do take some finding at times, the divers are normally pretty well covered. Although to be honest I’ve been looking for a chapter ring for a 7A28-702a for about two years now... one will turn up one day I’m sure (I hope).

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