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Just Done With A Project That Resulted In Two...

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Thank you for the nice words guys! Much appreciated! You guys rock! Geo, coming from you that's high praise, I've seen your restorations here and they are quite at another level!


Yes, Lawson, the exhibition back is really something, isn't it?. It is an easy and real nice movement to work on ( and big) but with details during assembly that makes it interesting!


Also, the cases came well protected and with a plastic protector on both crystals (so Don, I didn't have to source them at all but I believe Esslinger has some)...which I forgot to remove to take the pictures for all but 2 of them pictures! :(


The plastic parts box in the picture, which I got from either ofrei or esslinger, -- can't remember which -- contains one more 6498 I nabbed from the bay. At this time, it has been cleaned and re assembled and is ticking away happily in a provisional plastic container waiting for its future "home". This one, being "silver" colored, might need a new blue set of screws but I'm still thinking about it.


So, in brief, the Swiss movement in the yellow case (ebay) was restored and serviced. I replaced the crown and ratchet wheels (rusty and damaged), also replaced the original screws with blue ones, lost one part of the mainspring barrel and was forced to order a complete barrel replacement from ofrei (peace of mind) and finally straightened the hairspring as per mark's videos. The band I had it around (new) from a big Chinese watch I never used but looks the part. So far it is keeping excellent time and will time graph soon.


The other one, I had somewhere a -- maybe fake? -- panerai dial, sourced the movement (new 6497 equivalent) and both the case and wristband from the bay and voila!


On both cases the hands were from ofrei. Took me a while to decide about what to choose.


So, today I'm wearing the yellow one to work!

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Thank you Don! I'm glad you found them. Normally, ofrei has better prices by not much in many things but it is not too user friendly to find stuff in their site. On the other hand, they are great people though and if in doubt you can always call or email them. You even get Bob Frei to take care of you personally and he has a vast knowledge and many a solution for any watch problem.

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3 hours ago, remadepreacher said:

Bob, you mention replacing the screws with blued ones (can't tell much from the pictures). Two questions: are they nicely finished and where did you find them?

Bob hasn't posted in a very long time, and nobody knows why.

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Nice work! I have a similar pair but the Asian ST36/6497 is giving me fits. Keep breaking the set lever screw - the one you have to loosen to remove the stem. Time for movement #3, unless I can find a suitable set lever screw. The genuine 6498 is so good I’m thinking of ditching the Chinese 6497 copy for a real one. Anyway your pics inspired me to keep going!

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    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • UPDATE:  I know it's been a while, but I wanted to give an update to what I've done so far (which isn't much), what I'm seeing, and how I plan to proceed. I also had an oiling question. So as Nucejoe recommended, I started by running the movement and seeing how long it took for the power reserve to run it's course which was actually just over 48 hours. That's absolutely within spec, so that ended up not being an issue. The second hand was still stopping at 3 seconds after 12. Unfortunately I had a rookie moment, and neglected to pull the crown out to the setting position (3rd) when removing the movement to run the next test. So without pulling the crown all the way out, it's impossible to properly reinsert it! So with that, I was forced to remove the hands, dial, date mechanism, and half the keyless works in order to get the stem back in. In that process, I found out that the stem is bent. I purchased this used, and when I received it the crown barely had the threads to screw down. Thinking a bent stem was related to that and not wanting that to happen again, I purchased a new Omega stem. After that I was able to run another test and this time the second hand did not stop in the same place it usually did. Huzzah! I ran that test three more times and the second stopped at a different place every time! Success....except, because I had to skip a few tests (e.g. with dial on, dial off, date off and so forth) I don't know EXACTLY what that issue is, but I at least have an idea.  Next up, the balance. On my inspection, I could not find any obvious faults. The cap stones did not look out of place, unless its very very slight. Wasn't sure how visible a shifted cap stone would look. I have observed that it does not stop its motion in what I would consider a natural way. It stops rather suddenly. I did purchase (in all my many purchases for this project) an etachron key, as well as learned what its for and how to use it. I carefully opened up the regulator pins on the etachron system and removed the stud (I learned this from another video) and removed the balance complete. My initial inspection at 15x did not show any obvious bends or anything like that in the pivots. So I just ordered a USB microscope and will take a closer look. Hopefully the pivots just need to be thoroughly cleaned, but if not, I already have a balance complete I can use (I don't have the skills nor tools to replace a balance staff). I'm hoping it won't come to that.  Once I removed the balance, and the pallet fork, I ran the gear train to see how that looked. Again, what I'm seeing is that it doesn't release power in a smooth natural way. It gets choppy at the end of the run where it will stop-go-stop-go and then finally stop. If you shake it a little bit it will go just a little bit more. When I received this watch a few years ago, I was told it was serviced and was given a service record, but on my inspection, the parts are not nearly as clean as I would like them. I have found residue on the bridges and rotor, and the gears do not look as clean as I would hope. So I don't know exactly what was done, but I'm not confident that all my pivots are as clean as they need to be. Or that it was properly oiled.  So that's it...that's where I'm at right now. I plan to disassemble bit by bit, and inspect everything (endshake, sideshake and close microscope inspection) so I can hopefully fault find. I'm sorry this was so long, thank you for reading if you got all the way through. One question I did have concerns oiling. I've watched Marc's video on servicing the Omega 2500 (which from what I understand is exactly like the 1120, but with the co-axil) and I've noticed that he oils the winding pinion, sliding pinion, and stem with Moebius 9501 (cause it's blue) and not the recommended HP-1300 (which is red) from the technical sheets. I do not have the 9501, I purchased 9504 instead cause that was a change that was made on the technical sheets. So which should I use? Is there a reason that the HP-1300 is not used? Ok, again thank you so much for your input. I didn't add pics, cause I didn't think there was anything to really show just yet. It looks like what you'd expect.
    • Thank-you JDM, very helpful.  I will contact them.  The screws I need are very tiny but not as tiny as those for mov'ts. 
    • what ever gets the job done.
    • Another Setback. I thought I would try securing the balance by restating it, but I left the roller table on and thought it would hold up to the pounding. I thought wrong. The roller table is made of brass and simply crushed. Ahhhhhh, should have taken it off prior to re-riveting the balance. Now I need another roller table or simply call this a scrap movement. Good news is I got it for free. “Should have simply JB Welded the balance back on” and I know, not normally acceptable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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