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Pallet fork not syncing with escape wheel

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Hello everyone, I am new to watch making and I brought a few junk watches to try to learn, repair and get them running again. I posted once before and I appreciate everyone's response.

However, I have gotten into a new problem again. This time this is with another Seiko 6309a and I just can't get it to run. The jewels of pallet fork does not engage properly with the escape wheel. Thus, the watch doesn't run. I really appreciate any help and I have added a link to the video of my issue.



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I don’t see a pivot problem. With the 6309a I’ve had the enjoyment of the pallet bridge in place, everything looks correct while the fork is seated incorrectly. Something about that thin upper jewel as I recall…

…long shot- seiko low amplitude. Did you have enough wind? 

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I think the pallet fork finally sat in place randomly and got power. 

PXL_20240120_1655474242.thumb.jpg.8ded1adcbd5f4d949827fa00f2d07cb5.jpgPXL_20240120_1655179432.thumb.jpg.02016ff29e9bf2e815cecee96efe51d7.jpgWell, the watch is running. I really appreciate everyone's help! Is the watch from 1978 according to the serial 855656?

Again thanks to everyone, this forum is very helpful for someone new like me. 

(And excuse the mold on the dial. The person who sold this to me said it didn't run for many years)

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