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Boley Staking Tool Help needed by fellow owners

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Hope someone can help me with this.

I've recently acquired a Boley staking tool set and am obviously delighted with it. The tool itself is in fine condition as are the stakes with only a couple of anvils and a couple of stakes missing. Also missing is the base - which is the subject of this post.

I got in touch with Boley in Germany and they were unable to help me with a replacement. However, the chap suggested a 3D base might work. I would now like to do this and wondered if any Boley owners out there would be good enough to help so that I can draw it up in 3D for an .stl.

What I need our dimensions - particularly with regard to the inverted stake hole and the hole that secures the base to the main tool.

Photos would be brilliant as well to get an idea of the curvature.

Thank you in advance of your help,


First pic is my new set

Second is showing one with the base which is what I'm trying to make.





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I really doubt that a printed plastic base will be of any use for you.

Its fundamental quality is being an anvil with heavy mass to make hammer blows efficient.

A printed base can hold a stake, but without heavy mass it will flex and make hammering very inefficient.


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