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Purchased this compound slide for my Lorch & Schmidt 8mm lathe but upon receiving it I noticed the cross slide was backwards. No big deal, just disassemble it and reassemble it the proper way. Only as I tried removing the lead screw for the cross slide, the small steel bushing/shoulder piece came off which I have come to discover, isn't supposed to happen. Now it is stuck in the brass tube the lead screw sits in and I can't figure out how to remove it as the tube closes to the same diameter as the bushing/shoulder piece from one end (I can't just punch it out). 


So far I've tried penetrating oil with no success; I've tried heating up the brass tube around it hoping to break whatever potential corrosion or situation that's keeping it stuck. Maybe drilling a small hole to be able to fit a punch in and spin it around. I don't want to destroy it to take it out but will consider it if I can make or find a replacement. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

(Attatched are photos of what I'm talking about and what my problem is.)





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