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Hello, and thanks for the welcome.


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Robfettle? is an old guy that lives on the east coast of Essex UK.  In 1985 I was flying for a British airline and treated myself to a Seiko 7A38.  Decades later, while grandparenting in Texas, I thought I'd have a go at putting right a lens/crystal that had been badly fitted by a small shop with a rusty Seiko sign over the door.  I couldn't do much worse.  Long story short, I now have 45 of the 7A series, mostly restored largely thanks to Paul at 7A38 by the numbers, and Sir Alun's wonderful pictures.  

I moved back to the UK.

Recently, I asked, almost begged, to restore my life-long friend's retirement watch.  I've run what was supposed to be funny thread on a flying forum I live vicariously on.  It shows how woefully unqualified I am to tackle this job.  https://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/654301-can-tiny-tiny-spring-exceed-speed-light-2.html

An odd problem for some on this IB forum needs access to YTube via the "Quote button at the bottom.

The thing about PPRuNe dot org, and especially Jet Blast chat room, is that there's always someone that comes up with a gem when one most needs it.  On this occasion it became obvious my friend's Le Cheminant movement was shared by more than a few makers.  

Having freed the bezel, I used Locktight red-ish.  Everything was perfect.  Then the crown came loose again.  About 30 hours later, I'm in the hands of the real experts.  That evil cluster of levers  on the crown pull push functions has defeated me.  (it was the original fault)   After confessing my setback, a PPRuNe member recommended this forum. 

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When I've read in some more I'll perhaps start a thread on my pretentious attempt at this repair.  It really is above my pay-scale.  


Well, there they are.  The video I'd so admired shows the detailed replacement of these parts.  There are two moments when he councils great care. 




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