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G Boley lathe maintenance?

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I’ve just acquired a vintage G Boley lathe from the family of a late watchmaker. It’s in lovely condition as he took great care of his tools but it hasn’t been used for at least ten years. The headstock is turning smoothly but with some resistance, and there’s a lot of congealed oil. 

I’ve added some H32 oil to the oiling points behind the removable caps which has helped but I need to do a thorough job and remove the old oil. 

I don’t have a manual but wonder how exactly the headstock comes apart? Any pointers would be much appreciated. 


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Thank you for the link. I managed to remove the rear bearing but the spindle won’t dislodge. I took the grub screw out and couldn’t detect another one under it. I’ve managed to clean the bearings as far as possible and it’s running far more freely now. 

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