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Introduction, new to the forum


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Hi there! I just joined and want to introduce myself. My wife recently got me an WW2 A11 hacking watch with Elgin 539 movement for our anniversary. It doesn't run all that smoothly so I've done some research on servicing it and thinking I'm at high risk of getting into watch repair as a hobby. I've done a lot of fine-detail work with vintage electronics for years now (see my blog at barberd.medium.com) so I'm used to patient hours of diagnosing tiny things, but admittedly the gearwork for watches will be a new challenge. My dad has also kept a non-working Timex St christopher tire pocket watch my grandfather owned for decades now and it'd be nice to get it working again. Seeing a lot of great advice shared on this forum so thanks for having me.

While I have your attention - my Elgin 539 watch is missing its two case screws...would anyone have any advice on where I could buy replacements? Another post on the forum here said its Elgin part no 5186.



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14 hours ago, RichardHarris123 said:

Hello and welcome.  You haven't posted your location in your profile.  Genetic case screws are available, these are from cousins but widely available. 


Sorry about that! I've now added it to my profile. I'm in Maryland, USA, just north of DC.

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