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I am working on a Swiss Army watch and the wave type bezel spring is rusted away  (see below) - looks like the previous owner glued the bezel in place, but I would like to try to get it working again. I have had a look online without success as the only options seem to be to TAGs or Rolex, at Tag and Rolex prices. Does anyone know where I can get generic ones, or is the best option to make my own? Here is the type I need, also not sure now many sides the original had, there are 5 left, but most I have seen online (Tag etc have 8 ) - any ideas?


Here is what's left of the one what was in the watch:


I did find this online.... worth a try???





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On 11/12/2023 at 10:19 PM, RichardHarris123 said:

Only just seen this.  How did it work out  ? 

Thanks, it worked out very well, I can't tell the difference between the performance of this spring and other watches with a manufacturer installed spring, it was easier to make it than I expected (following the instructions [in my original post] I found). The watch (and bezel) is still going strong, my son now donates all his old guitar strings to me for watch springs.

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