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  1. Received the watch. Good news - watch is ticking, all parts (except bezel with glass, seconds hand and crown) are here. Dial actually looks metallic (very close in colour to case, not white as in photos). Bad things noticed - can't set the time (can't get winding stem in adjustment position), watch is very dirty, hours hand is bent to one side and looks a bit rusted, and chrono minutes register hand is not moving very well, it looks that it's jewel has crack (will post a photo later). Don't have the skills and knowledge to replace the jewel - is it easy to find a replacement?
  2. I think that minute register jumper spring is not broken, maybe just not the best angle of that pic. If all parts will be ok, there is a chance it will not be very long project maybe... So basically my steps might be: Get the movement going (checking all parts) Clean and oil the movement. Source and install seconds hand Maybe re-blue hands (or replace with new if available?) Get new bezel done, glass pressed (this is above my skills/toolset, will need to order) Solder strap bar (to keep original condition) Rechrome the case?
  3. Sourced this watch, want to know your thoughts about it. Like the looks of early Landeron Hahn 15 1/2 dials. Looks like this is Landeron Hahn 2 (judging by 45 minutes register)? I am new to watches, so any insight/thoughts/help are welcome. Here are some questions I already have: 1) What do you think about restoring this one? 2) How hard would be to source the bezel for it? Where to look for it? Looks like case is quite large - 40mm in diameter. I assume sourcing mineral crystal later shouldn't be a problem? 3) How to fix that broken fixed lug? Or it's better to transform to non-fixed lugs? 4) Movement looks complete to me, seller says balance swings nicely (i hope so), hopefully just needs cleaning/oiling. Or you can already spot something off? 5) Missing seconds hand shouldn't be an issue? Probably regular Landeron should fit with 0,25 or 0,27 hole size? 6) What to do with hands (assuming seconds hand will be new, unless I will source by some miracle something with matching condition). Looks like someone restored similar watch: https://www.watchpatrol.net/listing/611413/
  4. Can you please help me find Zenith Cal. 10 1/2 N.S.I. breguet hairspring for vintage 1937 watch? Or a suitable replacement? There is nothing on fleabay. Thanks!
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