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  1. Thanks guys! Yes, looked through that tech gmanual, and I know about eccentric screws for chrono adjustment. I will definitely need spares as I have around 8 movements lying around in different conditions. So I already know for sure, I will need balances (hairsprings and/or staffs), the buttons springs, parts which go under pushers, the (probably hour) wheel with pinion which is on dial side, would be also interested in square push buttons 5x2mm, cases, hands and dials if you have any.
  2. If you put hairspring into regulator pin, it will probably center around the jewel and will be fine. To insert into regulator pin, put the balance cock upside down on table and with screwdriver turn the small brass part as a screw (it has some ingress for screwdriver's tip). By turning it will free the small pin and you will be able to put hairspring between pin and brass part, turn it again to close it. Make sure you are doing it steady, very easy to mingle hairspring if screwdriver slips, as it requires some pressure.
  3. Hi! Just serviced my first chronograph Venus 170, very happy with end result, non-working watch with many missing/broken parts ticks again properly. But I have one question: during assembly, after train gears are in place, and before chrono part is assembled, which screws do hold the bridge in place? I was expecting same separate scews for that, but couldn't find any, so I figured out some of the chrono gear screws are doing it, but didn't really got which ones are the essential ones, so was trying to be extra careful during chrono assembly. I have couple more Venus 170 waiting for servicin
  4. Yes, like on that Alpina! Thank you very much!
  5. Yes, that's the watch. Width of the case is 39mm, external diameter of the bezel is 38mm (judging by marks on case), looks like internal diameter should be 32,5mm (judging by marks on dial), but let's make sure some standard size plexi can be fitted. Midcase height is 3,5mm. There is a link to exactly the same watch restored with bezel for reference: http://www.chronocentric.com/forums/chronotrader/index.cgi?md=read;id=89267 I wonder if stepped case bezel could be made instead. ( I think stepped case bezel looks more cool on those watches.)
  6. One of my pre 1940 chronographs projects is missing case bezel - not the divers rotating style one, but regular bezel, where the crystal fits into. Can't source it anywhere, as it's bigger than most bezels - the inner part diameter where it fits on the watch is 36,9mm. Any recommendations where to look or where I can order custom made?
  7. It's a base metal, no screw-down crown. Nothing fancy. I would say that's a watch which looks good enough with all the scratches and usage marks to wear it daily, and cheap enough to not worry about it at all . Yes, the name means that (that's in Swedish).
  8. Bought this vintage MILJONÄR Swiss Made 1970s old diver wrist watch 17 Jewels couple months back from ebay very cheap (like 50 euros with delivery). Just liked the looks of it and thought I might get it back to working shape, so I can use it as my cheap tool watch for rainy days and just to get involved into watchmaking a bit. Watch was not running at all, glass broken, unable to unscrew the case back (well, that explained the price). MILLJONÄR is some Scandinavian market brand, usually they are non-expensive watches with AS movements. There are quite a lot of them around, but I
  9. Sourced on ebay some relatively inexpensive Landeron 3 watch. Looks like 30ties, all original. 40mm diameter without crown. Watch was sold for parts or repairs. This is all info what I got from seller: Watch looks very dirty (I will not wonder if that dirt is still from war)... Balance completely disassembled, but all parts present (in the same box as watch, at least hairspring was in container). One of the pusher levers is broken (but broken piece is there). Other pusher was not properly installed (fixed that already). Foil disc from under dial is also there inside the bo
  10. Thanks! AS 1686 was beaten watch, so I wasn't afraid to ruin much (actually I stripped crown wheel screw, as I thought the counterclockwise screw is on ratchet wheel due to lack of experience. But already ordered the screw to replace.) And for venus 170 I bought several non-working movements on ebay, and one of them has nice Côtes de Genève, which I think is not very common for venus 170, so I plan to make it complete and working using other spare movements. And in process I see what I need to improve in my skills and which tools do I need to upgrade. (Like lighting, better tweezers, some con
  11. Probably that's what I will do. Already working on couple other projects - Venus 170 movement and divers watch with AS 1686 movement. Was checking online resources and according to this page http://vintagewatch.heimat.eu/TomsWatchpage/Chrono_Movements/Chrono_Movements_2/chrono_movements_2.html it's not Landeron 2, but Landeron 3 15 1/2 movement.
  12. Looks like there is already some issue, as set is not being engaged. Hopefully something minor. But I haven't yet done anything with movement (it's currently at watchmakers who makes the bezel and restores the case).
  13. Received the hands, looks good and I think they will match. I got a feeling I got lucky finding these hands on ebay.
  14. Some update... I left the case with movement at watchmaker for welding the lug, making bezel, putting the crystal, polishing and replating the case. Asked to keep the caseback as it is. Minutes hand broke off when I tried to straighten it, and watchmaker said that looks like hours hand was modified to fit. Sourced some sets of hands on ebay, I hope they will fit. Still looking for sweeping chrono seconds hand. If standard Landeron 0,27mm or 0,25mm hand fit, then it's easy, but I left the movement at watchmaker, so can't really measure at the moment. If anyone knows the hand measurem
  15. Received the watch. Good news - watch is ticking, all parts (except bezel with glass, seconds hand and crown) are here. Dial actually looks metallic (very close in colour to case, not white as in photos). Bad things noticed - can't set the time (can't get winding stem in adjustment position), watch is very dirty, hours hand is bent to one side and looks a bit rusted, and chrono minutes register hand is not moving very well, it looks that it's jewel has crack (will post a photo later). Don't have the skills and knowledge to replace the jewel - is it easy to find a replacement?
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