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This being my first post may I say a big hello to everyone, i joined in May and would like to apologise for not greeting you sooner. My main interest is in pocket watches and hope to show you some of my collection over the next few weeks.Today i would like to show you a couple of cleaning machines purchased recently,they came as one lot, can you guess what they cost!


1. A  B.H T  as soon as i got it back home i checked the electrics out these being o.k. i powered it up and all seemed fine apart from a couple of issues someone may enlighten me on, the rotary switch which controls the speed only functions from position 2 to 7 and the heater comes on at no.5, i have a sneaky feeling that the rotary switch has been changed, what do you think? Sorry about the first picture i did rotate it on my computer but do not know why it has gone back




2. A National Major. The electric wiring needs replacing but after checking with my multimeter that no shorts were showing i powered it up. 

    and it works great, in some respects it seems better than the BTH in as much as a rheostat controls the speed and the heater can be switched on independently, it also has a mechanical Smiths timer fitted. Are the glass jars still available?

post-1002-0-17210100-1437768667_thumb.jppost-1002-0-13728800-1437768691_thumb.jppost-1002-0-73514800-1437768713_thumb.jp Sorry about the first picture.


If you have any information on them or not please let me know what you think.Regards and thanks for taking the time to read this post.John.

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Hi Atki! (Sorry! Blame Jennings!)

Good finds there. Maybe the problem with the BHT is a mucky or corroded rheostat surface. If you can access the innards you should see a slightly brighter track where the contact moves over the coil. If it's dull after the 7 position it may be possible to carefully clean the coil to improve conduction but it might also suggest that it wasn't normally used at a higher setting. Maybe 7 was enough.

As for the jars, Cousins has them - https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/tornado-90-accessories- but without lids! For 25 quid I'd expect a lid!

I'd take a few measurements and trot down to the supermarket with a ruler and see what you can find on the shelves. The lid needs to be plastic to resist corrosion but why shouldn't the jar also be plastic?

Good hunting.

(another) John :)

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