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Omega Seamaster (14701.1.SC)

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Hello everybody, 

Recently I got my hands on this nice looking (IMHO) thing. And I think I want to replace the glass, or at least buy a new one for comparison.  

Problem I have is that, when I look by the model number, I find PX5001 or PX5140, but both are with a golden ring. 

Of course I could just measure the crystal and look it up in the catalog by size and get an ATC, XAC or something glass. But I was wondering could I find an original piece? 


Does any one know the chrome version part number? 


P.S. Also, is this some what rare, the blue dial? I couldn't find this exact model in the web.


Thank you in advance!


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25 minutes ago, swiss2k said:

this you mean?

Yes that's perfect then I guess had to decipher how the numbers are laid out. Plus it was helpful to have the movement number so that I know if I have the right case.

Oh and you might want to look carefully at your photograph these studs screw and maybe they hairspring regulating screw look like rust perhaps? Even they hairspring looks a little but it could just be the photograph does it doesn't look like any other rust anywhere it just looks suspicious

Then the problem with omega case numbers are there not specific.Is actually six different case types another is made out of gold of various colors and for them have the correct movement.

As usual with omega there will be confusion there is three crystals. Looks like the first one does not have a magnifying glass and the other two Have magnifying glasses and there must be some difference but it doesn't actually explain what the difference is.





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@JohnR725 I think the picture overdramatizes a bit the reality. I have serviced the movement and I think I runs nice now. 


Glass: Thank you for the reference info! I think I will try to find both(with and w/o magnification). As I said, I tried searching the web for this exact model with a blue dial and couldn't find anything, and eventually see which one fits/looks better. 

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7 hours ago, swiss2k said:

blue dial

Oh and when I was there I did take a quick look at the dials and I did not see a blue dial. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything because you have a blue dial. As I said you find their case numbers were referred to a whole bunch of different cases made out of different materials raise grades a gold usually are goals and stainless and then occasionally the crystals might even be different for the different case is not just the weather it has a gold ring or whatever I've seen sometimes are sized a little different may be because the gold was a little different hardness or something I'm not sure why. So simplistically anything older for Omega you're going to get variations and because Omega doesn't like to sell parts to anyone in the universe finding vintage parts becomes more and more difficult as the original ones are slowly purchased and there's nothing left

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    • @AndyGSi    Lucky Mr pilk posted this relevant page from good Dr ranfft's database. Cal 620  &  Cal 630  beat 19800 per hour, so they share  exact same escapement.  Cal 625   &   Cal 635      beat 21600 per hour, they both share same exact escapement .  All are listed as  members of one family, and staff  U2920 fits all, regardless of the beat or complications.  Cal 620 was developed before other cals listed there, so in the world of Omega and Zenith, cal 620 is called the base cal for this family. No gear of 19800 and 21600 beaters, in gear trains interchange. Roller tables and impulse jewels can be the same providing  lift angles be.  So even if a group of members in a family beat different, same ole U2920 fits all. Notice ,  Dr ranfft calls 620, 625, 630 and 635  a family, not " completely independent movements " . Rgds
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    • Thanks! You learn something new every day. I wasn't sure about the difference between a beat and an oscillation. So good to know. 2 beats = 1 oscillation.  I sure will. It's going to be interesting. So far I've turned the balance near 300° before letting it go and on a really healthy balance it has been swinging for about 70-90 seconds in the horizontal positions. Anyway, when doing the test, I'll only swing it 180°. I will be surprised to see it swing for only 25 seconds or less, but we shall see. That could be because I've never tried to count oscillations and only assumed it would be impossible or difficult. Anyway, let's see when I get a chance, hopefully in a month or so as I'm still on vacation and far, very far, from a workbench. Here's Kalle Slaap doing the kind of test that I do (start at 12:30). An interesting observation is that when Kalle starts the balance towards the end of the video at 14:40, it oscillates for about 50 seconds before the video ends. It is difficult to judge whether the balance swings more than 180° at the start, but it looks like it could be close to 180°.  
    • Thanks for the comments I ‘ll pay attention to both points. 
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