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Crown/Pusher for Heuer/Valjoux 61 Chronograph Pocket Watch

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Hi all,

I picked up a lovely Heuer chronograph pocket watch with a Valjoux 61 single button chronograph movement.

I didn't notice when I bought it but the pusher which should sit within the crown is missing. The pusher within the crown pushes down two pins which you can see in the pictures, the pins then push a sleeve which sits over the crown, this then actuates the start, stop and reset of the chronograph.

Unfortunately I have no idea where to find a replacement... anyone have any ideas? The dimensions seem to be quite different to old pusher pocket watch crowns.

The crown is 8.0mm in diameter, the tube diameter is 3.1mm and the cavity for the pusher atop the crown is about 3.9mm

Thanks in advance!

photo_2022-05-18_13-26-19 (2).jpg

photo_2022-05-18_13-26-19 (3).jpg

photo_2022-05-18_13-26-19 (4).jpg

photo_2022-05-18_13-26-19 (5).jpg


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