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Great clock repair videos by James Martin

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After having watched „thousands“ of watch repair videos I stumbled into the chanel of clock maker James Martin by accident. Meanwhile I frequently enjoy the fine quality of these videos as well as the insight into the more „macroscopic“ world of clock making.




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4 hours ago, oldhippy said:

He tells you what work needs to be. undertaken. Not impressed with videos about clock repairs when they don't show all the work. 

Watch some more of his videos and you will see his excellent craftmanship in detail.

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Hi @oldhippy, just watch this video from Scottie. I can't believe you recommended one of his videos to a newbie recently. I don't know if Scottie is a hobbyist or professional but I'm not sending any of my clocks to him.

I've watch quite a few of James' videos and have learnt a lot. 

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