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  1. He means "capacitor" with "compacitor" right? Good intention to help but actually may cause harm. I managed to find the exact model: Citizen BM8404-59L and it doesn't actually look 30 years old model. I may be wrong though. https://www.citizenwatch.com/us/en/product/BM8404-59L.html
  2. Hi Robyn, welcome to the forum .
  3. Apologies for the 2nd message, because of the time limit for the edit. I managed to find a similar watch: https://antiwatchman.com/wp/j-4824/ The title has "企業物 - kigyou mono" which roughly means "corporate goods" as in novelty item. And another one: http://cticorp.jp/?p=20861
  4. I haven't seen a "Sony" Seiko, but saw Toyota Seiko, JAL (the airlines) Seiko etc. and I agree with FLwatchguy73, they are promotional items.
  5. Watchtime, thank you very much for the tips. As an absolute beginner, I managed to find and purchase. Hopefully I will make my watch tick again thanks to answers. Again thank you all for the great help.
  6. Hpekala, thank you so much. Amazing, nothing written on it and you knew it. Again thank you .
  7. Hi everyone, I need help to identify a movement. Anyone may know this movement? The amplitude was too low and wanted to give it a try, disassembled, cleaned and ruined it. Now I am searching to buy a new one but I cannot find the maker and model. I have attached the photos of back and dial. If any specific part needed to identify, I can take more photos. Thank you in advance. Cheers.
  8. Thank you very much Watchweasol for the reply and for the documents.
  9. Hi everyone, I needed a dictionary to learn about part names and everything in general, so when I was searching I found this website: https://www.fhs.swiss/berner/?l=en The dictionary app is available for both Android and iOS or you can use the website. I hope it will be useful, especially for beginners like myself. Also, I'd like to ask is it possible to create our own library, under a main title, or a document sharing title with freeware apps, free sources? I know this can be a sensitive topic, cause without intention, some may add copyrighted material but I'm sure it will hel
  10. Dear John, thank you so much for the link and help. You definitely are correct it is possible to find amazing stuff online though as a complete beginner like myself and lacking the keywords to search makes it quite difficult . Once again, thank you so much for your time to help, sincerely appreciated. I have listened to your precious advice and downloaded all the files on that page. Many thanks .
  11. Dear All, I have purchased an old Citizen Leopard from Yahoo Auctions for a reasonable price. Of course you get what you pay for and it is a non-working watch. From the case to dial everything looks clean yet it is begging for a deep cleaning as I understand. Currently living in Japan and even a simple battery replacement is quite expensive, between ¥1000-¥1500 (roughly $10-15). Until now all the shops I consulted asked me at least ¥20.000 ($200) for servicing and not guaranteed, and even though they may fail, it will still cost me ¥3000-¥5000. Long story short, it is really expensiv
  12. Thank you Nucejoe and clockboy .
  13. Hi all, Currently residing in Japan, 43, married with a child. I don't know how I got this "virus" but I am happy that I got infected :). Years ago started to design 2D watches using Photoshop then I lost my interest and this locked down triggered my interest to watches again and Mark's channel triggered another side of this hobby, fixing the watches. I don't have many, 2-3 digital clone skmei, 2 mechanical and recently purchased a non-working Citizen Leopard and seeking a store to have it fixed (don't have the necessary tools and experience yet). Also interested in amateur photog
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