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Once I Had A Secret Love... Called Jill...

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Spring is upon us and it's time for me to take up with a local Sussex girl again. I see her once a month from April to May - usually on the first Sunday - and the longer I've known her, the better I love her.


Jill is her name, and she lives on the top of Clayton Hill on the South Downs, next to her brother Jack. She was moved there in 1851, having first taken up residence in Brighton in 1821. She's very popular with people from far and wide, and you can read all about her here:




So, I climb up the steps once a month and show visitors the workings of the mill. There are usually two of us on duty: one person on the spout floor at the to of the main steps; another person above that on the stone floor, where the mill wheels are turned by the sweeps. I usually work on the stone floor.


No pay - just good fun and free tea and cakes!

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Will, I never realised my message could be read two ways,  my reference was to the windmill of course and not our resident Horological and musical sophisticate.   :bow: 


Geo,  I will be booking another flying session shortly now that the weather is warming up.   :thumbsu:

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