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I downloaded the pdf for the "Watch Parts" lesson from level 1.   I wanted to print it for offline study.  The diagrams are missing from the pdf.  Is this expected or i did I do something wrong?



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    • Hi does any one know who this mark is for . i know AS is schild but cannot find ASAT see pics. Its a oris and under the mark its got 1950/51. I am trying to find the lift angle to time it. before i strip it. thanks gary
    • Hi all. I recently purchased a box of landeron 48 spares for another project I was working on. The box came with a Dogma dial and I think It may be correct for the Landeron 48 movement. I have done a little digging about Dogma but I have not really come up with much about this particular watch. So does anyone have any info regarding this watch and if I was to build it up into a working watch can anyone give me any guidance on a suitable case. Many thanks.     
    • I have had a similar problem with a (Swiss) lever escapement. It appears to be caused by the pallets of the lever being slightly too far from the escape wheel and under engaging. I think the escape wheel may be released slightly too early which causes it to push the lever back the other way due to it engaging the other pallet too early. I think this then means that the lever never allows the balance wheel to release. My problem was ultimately due to a missing pin that aligned the escape wheel bridge which I still haven't fixed properly (as I haven't had time to make a new pin) but have managed to get it going without (it is my own watch) by carefully adjusting where the bridge is with a screwdriver.
    • I also think that's what it was. The broach was going too deep initially into the oval, when it corresponded to the half-section of the cutter. When I kept turning, it dug itself into the plate.  I was horrified at first and tried backing off and turning again, but it just kept finding the notch I had cut.  I retrospect, I should had stopped and filed the cut part smooth again and then restarted and been more careful - as well as oiling the damm thing. I have no idea why I forgot that part  Anyway, I am quite pleased with the result and it has certainly upped the confidence levels a fair bit. Just need lots of practice.
    • Thanks for the support. every day is a learning day!
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