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Rolex precision 6466 stop when crown screw down


Hello guys

Why my rolex precision 6466 stops when crown screw down..

But it runs again when crown not screw down or in manual wind position?

It stops when the crown enter too deep inside the movement..


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Personally, I've never owned a Rolex but I've experienced this same issue with Seiko divers. There is a rubber seal in the base of the crown and due to age and use, it can become brittle and break, causing it to fall out of the crown in small bits. When this happens, the space previously occupied by the rubber gasket allows the crown to seat further into the watch, thereby interfering with the normal operation. 

You will likely need to remove the stem and crown, install a new crown gasket or o-ring, whichever is required, and all should return to normal. I might add that if the gasket has perished, likely your watch is due or even overdue for a full service.

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    • Thanks @nickelsilver! The illustration is extremely appreciated! I'll try this. What tool can/should I use to push on the HS (I've never touched a HS before)? Do I push the spring little by little until it looks good or do I use some other technique? I suppose I can leave the balance in the watch (mainspring wound down of course), no? Again, thanks!
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