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Greetings from Central Florida USA

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As a person that always loved tearing things apart to see how they worked, anything from a clothes dryer at age 13, to boat outboards, rebuilding all kinds of engines, learning electronics as a final job for years in flight simulation and aircraft. Well, now that I'm getting a little older and have always was fascinated by clocks, watches and all of that. So, I finally bought a basic tool kit off of Amazon. I know the tools are not of the best of quality, but I've managed to replace batteries and other basic dealings with a watch.

Been reading a lot, in particular  Nicholas Hackos' awesome tutorial on the inner workings of the 7S26 calibre movement. I have even 'hopefully' repaired a 7S26C oscillating weight that had the rotor bearing separate from the rotor due to a drop onto the tile floor. I carefully put a few punch peen marks around the bearing hole in the rotor weight, working the metal surrounding the bearing hole back to a press fit. Took some tries and careful tapping of the punch and then reaming of the hole to do that. It took a lot of patience, but for now it's working!

I also took up repairing fishing reels a while ago, mainly those made by Penn. Have resurrected many of those classic reels by people just giving me their old 'junk' reels. Now, people are starting to give me old watches.

My days of all the work to re-build heavy items is now condensed into my workbench as I get older, I'm glad I have down-sized and can work on these things. Eyesight, not a problem with the right loupe or glass.

I picked this forum over all the others as it seems there are a lot of nice folks here, no BS, and very trimmed down and simple without having to join a large watch collector type forum. Looks like a lot to learn, so I'm here, and very eager to learn more. Of course I will do a lot of reading and searching first. Thanks for this site, hope to be able to contribute to it some day. I look forward to this hobby of watch repair, I think I'll stay with it for the rest of my days!





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