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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there. I am just starting in this hobby of watch repair and after changing some batteries and fixed hands, have bought two books: Beginner Watch Making by Tim Swike which was very helpful to me and Watch Repairing as a Hobby by D.W. Fletcher which I just can't connect too, I guess in terms of writing style and the way he refers to illustrations which are unclear at a time. My question is ther any book that you will recommend for a real beginner about quartz and manual watch repairing. Many thanks for your advice.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin Marn, I am a 20 year old college student who has been interested in horology for about 4 years now. I have since aspired to be an independent watchmaker, most likely as a hobby or a side gig but possibly as a full time career, assuming people appreciate the watches I would design and build. More immediately, I have been planning to make my own bespoke, finely finished watchmakers tools, everything from tweezers to mainspring winders, to jeweling and staking tools, as I am fortunate enough to have access to a 1934 South Bend lathe, a 40's LeBlond lathe, a surface grinder, and a Bridgeport mill. Eventually I would like to build my own watchmakers lathe in the style of a Bergeon 50, from my own iron castings (I also have access to a furnace that is hot enough to melt iron), and after that, perhaps even a rose engine.Hopefully, I will build up a collection of tools that exceeds the quality of brands like Horotec and Bergeon at a price of only the raw materials and the time taken in the machine shop, which I enjoy anyway. In the meantime, I have slowly begun to build up my library of books, starting of course with the great George Daniels' Watchmaking, but I am always looking for more books, especially on the theory behind horology and movement design, as right now one of my biggest struggles is grasping the concepts behind gear trains, tooth counts, mathematical ideas, etc etc. I am also a bit of a visual learner, and another thing I struggle with is visualizing the complex diagrams and explanations of the complications in Daniels' book. Perhaps that's why I like Mark's channel so much, I can see things like keyless works in action.
  3. Hello! I've started a hobby of buying old watches in need of repair and overhauling them for my personal collection and to resell. I'm having a hard time determining the exact years and sometimes decades that a lot of my watches were made and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good books or links to help nail the production dates of a wide variety of brands and movements. For example I'd like to nail 100% if a chronograph I've just restored is from the 50's or 60's (landeron 48 movement, the brand is "Canoe") but I'm having a hard time determining for sure the exact decade. Same with some of my military style watches, I know they're from either the 40s or 50s but would like a resource to know for sure. Does such a resource exist?
  4. Hi, I am trying to source an affordable copy or pdf of the: Illustrated Manuel of American Watch Movements. by the F.J. Swigart Co. I have found one or two but the prices are very high indeed. any ideas or suggestions of possible sources would be welcome. Many Thanks
  5. For members who interested in old horology books and publications (also mostly all sort of magazines). Here are a few books that I've found: https://issuu.com/watchlords.com/docs/vigniaux-practicalwatchmaking https://issuu.com/watchlords.com/docs/modernmethodsinh00hood https://issuu.com/watchlords.com/docs/practicalcoursei00kellrich These books starting 18th & 19th century and there are a few more, just search "watchmaking", "watch repair" etc. I hope it'll help someone here.
  6. Purchased a Swiss army victorinox, serial number 010038808. I called Swiss army customer service, according to the first four number this watch was manufactured in 2001. (parts may be hard to find watch band etc.) Before I did not have a clue to what these number meant. To keep this from happening again Are there any books, videos, anything that I can read or watch on the subject matter? What is the best illustrated book to get on watch making or repair? You learn from your mistakes, which can be costly "This ain't easy"
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