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  1. Hello from Alabama

    Hello there. This is a great group here and I am too, hope to take Mark's course sometimes.
  2. Waltham Vanguard

    I would start with a search for a "Vintage Waltham Watch" and "Vintage Waltham Watch for Parts" on eBay.
  3. My watch collection

    I'm not a big collector myself but have a few watches that I like and they are not necessarily expensive, I think collecting anything is the individual sentimental value first (for me at least) and for some, it's what's going in the market in term of history of the particular collection (it could be anything and not only collecting watches), but somehow after the few sentimental items people start with the more valuable items which are by default cost much more money, so I think collection is mixed of some watches (in our case) emotional value and other items with monetary value. I like the Bambino and in my experience with Casios, which I had two in the past. They have served me well (I've bought them new at the time) but the cases ended up falling apart because of cheap material I guess and the plastic just dried and fell apart like breadcrumbs. Also, it is possible that through the years you may sell some of your current collection and acquire other watches as your taste and knowledge develop. As for now enjoy it and don't feel bad about it.
  4. Hmm. I can only imagine taking it apart, but putting it together is another story.
  5. Buyer Beware ?

    let's hope that eBay will block the seller soon. I've reported him about two hours ago on the "Report item" above the item number and also have called them and spoke to a rep, but the seller is still there, unfortunately.
  6. Buyer Beware ?

    I have also bought a watch for repair at a flea market for about $5 which turn fake. I guess in a way as beginners its part of paying our dues for getting into this hobby. About the watch keeping time, I have Chinese watches that I've bought for less than $5 about a year ago and they keep time perfectly.
  7. Buyer Beware ?

    I've reported these items to eBay and promised that it'll be taken care of. Hopefully with all of us, joint efforts, it'll make it harder for criminals to operate and abuse innocent people.
  8. Just a thought. Would a used fan's motor will have enough power as well?
  9. I'm just curious. There is no place to buy parts in Japan? It will probably easier, faster and maybe also cheaper for you. And if you will find let the rest of the community here know about it in order to add one more source.
  10. Soldering New Dial Feet

    It seems that you are putting these videos to teach us and I'm pointing them to those who need them, so in a way, we're teamed to help when possible.
  11. Soldering New Dial Feet

    Here are few more for you.
  12. Soldering New Dial Feet

    I've found this video for a pocket watch, but it might help with some sort of how to go about it as well. Just in case it's not too late.
  13. I am just starting in this hobby, so take my answer with until you'll get another from more knowledgeable people. If the watch hasn't been in any rough situations and working fine, then why gives it a service to begin with , wait a few more years and then go for it.
  14. BOSS

    I have the standard tools to open casebacks, but once in a while if a watch is giving me a hard time, I am using my fine point Leatherman's screwdriver.