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  1. Note the working environment that this man is working at.
  2. Just for fun. This Filippino watch repairer was developing this fan with clock mechanism for about 20 years and register a patent for it, as he explaining it to the clerk. Enjoy it.
  3. Hello from Kerrville, TX

    Welcome to our group. You will find great and helpful people here.
  4. Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the group. You will find as much help as you need form great experienced people here.
  5. Movement Ultra-sonic cleaning

    I have this cheap Chinese ultrasonic cleaner which is doing a pretty good job for me. Remember, as long as you don't have many watches as a beginner in my opinion with this cheap and small cleaner, you will save money and more so space, something that many tend to forget about, but take in consideration that it has a small container if it makes a difference for you. Otherwise, when you'll get so much work/repair then get a better one.
  6. Movement Ultra-sonic cleaning

    Good to know about the Horolene. Thanks.
  7. It's pretty thin, and so far (with my little experience) it opened up all casebacks with no problem.
  8. I use this from China, and so far I haven't gotten any problems with it.
  9. Wouldn't it be too sharp to use on a watch?
  10. keep up the good work.
  11. Optics for repair work

    BTW: Any suggestion on any microscopes that seems to be good for watch repairs?
  12. If you are serious and not just teasing. We have many here who will repair this watch or another with great care. I guess that it'll help if you specify which models you need to be cared for.
  13. Rockford Electric

    Nice catch. enjoy it.
  14. Aloha from Maui

    Never been there but Merry Christmas to you as well.
  15. Here is a diagram of the 1L45 movement which shows the hole for the stem removal.