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  1. ETA 2824 Crown Replacement

    Check this out, but check with other members with more experience, since I have just started with watch repairing: On Esslinger . If you are not sure, email them and they will answer you. 7mm Crown on eBay 6mm Crown on eBay
  2. Starter tools?

    You are at the right place at the right time. This forum has a great group of people who love to help and teach people like us who are just starting in this exciting world of the watch repairing hobby.
  3. Yup, weird is what I've felt about it. from one hand it feels right and on the other, it feels kind of fishy like some fake watch producers will do. Thank you.
  4. Hello to all. I've just purchased this Invicta on eBay and although the watch feels really nice I have a couple of things with it that brings a doubt to my mind, and wanted to know what are you folks thinking about it? It has what seems a screw caseback and after trying with not much success I've looked with the magnifier just to find this tongue which popped the back with no problem. After opening the back as you can see at the bottom of the movement that is a rectangular cavity and a little flat metal on top, which seems to me that t something needs to be there and to be held by this piece of metal. Othe than that the watch is working fine, but these two things kind of make me kind of worried. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. At this point of the game I am really into wrist watches and as time and experience progress, I guess I'll see where things will lead me too. As for the nail clipper, your point is well taken and for the toolbox, I am definitely not into the tools for the sake of tools collecting as you can imagine, but since I have no knowledge I gathered from reading here and there that it's an important part of the standard toolbox. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Good to know, because I have one already.
  7. Thank you. I tell you. What do I know? I read and watch videos online and as far as I understood is that I'll need this tool amongst others, but now after you make me aware of the fact that I really won't have to really buy it, at least not at the beginning of learning, it will help me putting more financial efforts somewhere else.
  8. No specific use right now, but I figured that I should have it in case I may need it.
  9. Thank you all. I will be looking for the top tool and in the case I might need it I will try a nail clipper or my Chinese hand tool version, whichever will work better.
  10. Hello once again. I want to buy a Canon Pinion Remover and I'm contemplating which of the following two (or else), is better to buy. Your opinions and advice are much appreciated.
  11. Even though I'm many moon years away from touching an Omega yet, I most definitely enjoyed reading this post, and kind of get an idea of what ahead for me to face in this new hobby. Thanks for the post.
  12. One of the uses I can see is, in a case of a lost or stolen pocket watch to enter the number and it shows if the watch is listed on eBay. This of course besides the other information we can get out of this site.