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Found 24 results

  1. We are **LINK REMOVED - PLEASE READ THE RULES**, In Vietnam, we are the first to follow the direction of professional watch repair. However, in our country there are still many restrictions on new technologies. Even so, we still try to fix the downside factors. And here are some pictures of us in Vietnam. What do you think about us, please give us the most sincere comments. Thank for all.
  2. I added this to the blog specifically to show how I remove cap jewels in gold settings to clean the jewel and oil. Very very high end pocket watch as a 24 Jewel Illinois Bunn Special, full plate. Enjoy:) JEWEL Cleaning a 24 Jewel Bunn Special Pocket Watch https://youtu.be/KUE-nLG7KcI
  3. Good day, guys! This is my little way of giving back to this wonderful community. We usually receive for repair a watch handed down by a father to his son. In this case, its a watch given by the son to his father - a Seiko 5 from the early 1990s. The watch has seen better days, with its hardilex crystal beaten and the watch not moving at all regardless of the amount of shaking you give it. The hands are corroded and the dial mounted on the movement using contact cement. I'll skip the disassembly and show you how the Seiko 7009 movement works. The Seiko 7009 technic
  4. Here is a beauty I have been working on
  5. If two wrong things don't make it right try three
  6. Hi I have recently gotten interested to learn and acquire knowledge about watches and there movements. I have a question for the initiated,if there is rust in the parts of the watch must the patts be replaced or can they be cleaned with a rust removal process or is that not advisable due to the parts being very fragile in nature. Thanks again for youre time.
  7. Hi, I am new to watch repair and have mainly been servicing simple eta movements for my own I have always wanted a chronograph watch and have found a watch based on a valjoux 7750 with a broken case. I want to put the movement into a new case but the dial is a day date and the movement is date only. I have sourced all the parts and have fitted them to the movement to add the day function. The donor watch didn't use a dial washer / foil, do I need to use one now I have added the day indicator? If I do need a foil, what size and where from? Thanks very m
  8. First part of the disassembly, fixing and reassembly of my new Seiko 7T32-7C20 Flightmaster Chronograph that recently bought as defect. The damage was caused by trying to manually setting the date at around 11:30PM, when the watch usually starts to change the date automatically. Enjoy the first part of the video.
  9. Hello and greetings to all!, I have 2 "tools" perhaps. I don't see a spot for it on my staking tool. Let me back up as well. I have introduced myself on Watch Repair Talk. I said I am a fledgling watch repairer.However, I am more like still in the egg. I have fixed quite a few watches and destroyed even more. Its ok though, I get a box of watches and practice. One time I even got a great deal on a box of watches price wise and it contained 2 working Suunto watches and even a couple of watches that were solid gold. You have to admire and love young adults that sell granddads watches on eBa
  10. Hello there. I am just starting in this hobby of watch repair and after changing some batteries and fixed hands, have bought two books: Beginner Watch Making by Tim Swike which was very helpful to me and Watch Repairing as a Hobby by D.W. Fletcher which I just can't connect too, I guess in terms of writing style and the way he refers to illustrations which are unclear at a time. My question is ther any book that you will recommend for a real beginner about quartz and manual watch repairing. Many thanks for your advice.
  11. I got this Seiko 6139-6002 for pennies on the dollar albeit it was not working, in poor physical condition and with missing and damaged parts. I used after-market parts to “restore” this watch to a portion of its lost glory. This will go down as one of my favorite repair and restoration projects.
  12. I have a Rotary watch GB42826/08 but having trouble removing the back. It seems to be a snap on but won't budge? Do I have to remove the crown first if so how. Thanking you in advance.
  13. This survey is about the use of your staking tools and should take you no more than 5 minutes, the link is posted below. This interview is being conducted for my university engineering design course so any input you supply would be greatly appreciated. https://goo.gl/forms/zFa3XYt19rYp8wX63 If you wish to provide more info, especially related to what you like about your staking tool and what you would like to change about it, please comment below. Thank you for your time and participation in our survey.
  14. I'm a beginner when it comes to watches, but I'm just about ready to try to service my first watch. I've been gathering tools and just got a Little Giant C. E. Marshall cleaning machine. Can you all recommend resources for watch parts and supplies in the US? Specifically watch parts. I was also wondering about jewel settings. Do you remove all jewel setting when cleaning a watch with setting? How do you keep them organized so they don't get mixed up while cleaning? Maybe there are some threads that already have this info...if so, I missed them. Thanks for your help!
  15. (sunny it is, even in February, though its a bit chilly this AM, just under 0 centigrade...) Hi, I am Tom, and I live in South Carolina, USA, and after years of dabbling about with watches, the bug has finally bit in earnest. By background, I have been many things...I worked in the printing industry to start with, then went back and got degrees in business education, then I taught US History at the high school level for a few years, and have worked mostly as an IT person since then. Now, I run my own little IT consulting business and do work mostly for private non-profit organizations here i
  16. Tissot 2403 Service Walkthrough What is it with me and small movements?! I seem to attract them in absurd numbers. Oh well, here's another one to push my Zeiss optics to the limit, a Tissot 2403. My brother's father-in-law found this at the local rubbish tip, thrown away and unloved :( Upon initial inspection the condition looked dirty but not marked up, Canon Pinion felt good when setting the hands, and it seemed to wind smoothly. But alas it wasn't running at all. So to the bench I go, and de-case this little gem of a find. It removes like many ladies fashion watches, w
  17. I have uploaded a second vid on Hairspring manipulation - this time the hairspring is twisted up and down. View here!
  18. Just a quick video to show my method of re-aligning the hairspring on the balance staff correctly after prior removal, just in case you have not marked or noted where the stud is before removal. Hope it's helpful to someone :) Watch here...
  19. Hi Everyone... I sent my Automatic watch off for repair (crown and stem replacement + pendant replacement) and when it was returned it was gaining 3 to 4 minutes per day. I have sent it back to get it sorted and now am being told that I will have to pay again as the original repair did not go anywhere near the movement. 1, I asume a stem would connect directly to the movewent. Would it?? 2, As the watch was NOT gaining before the original repair could anything they did cause the watch to gain time?? Basically, am I being ripped off?? Cheers
  20. New here, looks like a nice site. Been in the trade for the last 47 years, hope to help other and learn new things. Thanks
  21. 1. Could this be the worst reading possible on a timegrapher? 2. Where do you start in fixing this watch that has just came in for a repair? Thanks
  22. A quick step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the battery on a TAG Heuer Aquaracer. This watch belongs to a good friend, and it is in need of a battery replacement. Step 1: Remove the screw on case back. The tools I am using are a three-pins Jaxa case opener and a case holder. At first, I try to open the case-back just with the watch mounted on the case holder. But the case-back is very tightly screwed on (this is a diver watch with 300m waterproof). In the end, I secure the the case holder on a mounted bench vice to free both of my hands to open the case-back. I also find that us
  23. In the excitement of repair, I accidentally broke the stem off. What are the tips on getting a replacement or fixing this? This is of the SeaGull TY2867 movement, not one of the popular movements. I checked website like Esslinger, the stem replacement goes by brand like ISA, Ronda, Seiko, etc. Do I get whole new stem, or just get an extender? If I getting a new stem, what to get (how can I tell which is the right one since this is not of a popular movement that I can order by caliber number)? Also, will an extender works, and is it a better/worse option? What's the general guide
  24. I am struggling to find a way to remove the movement on this large Ingersoll watch from its case. Cannot seem to find any screws that pin the movement to the case. Tried to remove the steel spacer, it is un-movable even with pliers. Does it mean that that I have to come from the glass? If through the glass, do I pry on the small opening on the bezel (see the second picture attached)? Appreciate any helps. Thanks.
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