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Found 7 results

  1. I have always loved watches - whether it was wearing them or just looking at them. I didn't know that people actually collected watches - I thought I was the crazy one. I started buying them at thrift shops on the looks alone.Then I learned about name brands and vintage watches and super-expensive watches and I was fascinated. I still cannot afford those for the most part but I have been lucky a few times on eBay, though. I have a few Raymond Weil's, some vintage Tissot's, one vintage Omega that needs a battery, and a few others. I am retired now and watches have become my hobby, including buying and selling them. I came to this site looking for help with my Omega. Hopefully somebody knows how to. Nice meeting you all and maybe I can be of help to some. Juanita
  2. Hi, recently I bought a SEIKO 5 with a 7S26C caliber, then I found the Watch Repair Channel on YouTube, than I found the videos of this channel, which are about exactly THAT movement...and the rest was only another step forward into this forum. I like to learn about movements in general and especially about the 7S26C. Cheers! :) mcc
  3. Hi, I’m Fred. I’ve recently started collecting watches. I’m interested in the moon-phase watches . To support my habit I buy bulk lots. To repair and sell. Sometimes I run across a gem.
  4. Hello to the WRT universe
  5. Hello to all the watch lovers I am Robert and I am Happy to be here.
  6. Hello, I have just joined the forum. My name is Deborah Bell and I run a mechanical watch and clock museum with my mother, in Haltwhistle Northumberland- 'Mr George's Museum of Time'. The museum is based around a series of children's stories which my mum wrote about her father who was a watch and clock repairer in Northumberland- the 'Mr George the clockman stories'. My mum became a repairer herself and has a huge collection of watches, clocks, tools and parts so we decided to bring everything together so children could learn all about mechanical "proper" time and Mr George, and adults could look at the collection and reminisce. She still repairs both watches and clocks now and has her workshop on our museum premises! Hope to chat to a few of you on here!
  7. just saying hello new to this site and very new to watch repair , so hope to get to know the member as time go`s by ,
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