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  1. toptime810

    Rolex 1215 hairspring

    I paid $350 for a hairspring on ebay.
  2. toptime810

    Rolex 1215 hairspring

    Urgent request, can anyone help with locating a hairspring to fit a Rolex 1215 cal. 6694 model or anyone that can make one? Thanks
  3. does anyone know where I can get a lyre Jewel Spring for a Rolex 1560
  4. toptime810

    friction fit balance staff

    Thanks guys I figured it out and repaired the watch I just had to be more careful. Cost me a hundred bucks replacing the balance wheel but oh well gotta love it.
  5. toptime810

    friction fit balance staff

    Difficult to upload pics from my phone. Cant figure it out. Used to be easy to upload pics from phone.
  6. I am wondering if someone can tell me how to replace a friction fit balance staff. I damaged a E. Howard #12 balance wheel and have a Hamilton 972 I dont want to destroy. I could not get the staff to budge. I have a #18 K and D staking set. Thanks
  7. can someone explain to me l&r 3 cleaning solution is this an all-in-one cleaner or do I need a separate rinse solution
  8. toptime810

    Tap and die

    Im looking for tap and die for wrist watches. I dont know what size set I should get. What is ba size?
  9. Hello forum, can someone recommend a good tap and die set? Thanks
  10. toptime810

    venus 175

    Can someone tell me the millimeter distance between the two registers on a Venus 175 movement? I am trying to find out if my movement will fit a Venus 175 dial.
  11. How To Align The Hairspring to set the watch in beat. Watch repair techniques All videos are great information but this video helped me out the most. Without this video I would have never figured it all out, thanks Mark
  12. Sounds like you might have to push a jewel
  13. toptime810

    Imhof clock movement

    Does anyone have info on a Imhof swiss clock movement? It a marshall field mechanical alarm clock I am trying to fix for a friend but cant find any info on this clock. Clocks parts are much different than wristwatches. Thanks
  14. toptime810

    Bent Hair Spring

    I never learn by doing thing right, only when I screw up