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  1. I finally finished the Military style chronograph and it is a beauty.
  2. Thank you Andy, it took some time but I have figured out a way to get them perfect.
  3. The hardest part of this 20 step process is drilling the chrono hand holes with precision without out $20,000 equipment. Then comes the lume and casing process. Everything has to be precise or it will not work. I had to make 30 dials just to get two that are perfect enough to work for the case and movement.
  4. Good theory, I will have to try that out and see how and if it works.
  5. Mark pointed the rules out to me before. Dont be disappointed, with a lot of hard work and plenty time you to can make your own dials also
  6. Some things in watch making are to remain secret. I dont work hard to give my ideas away
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