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  1. This is another project I am working on at the moment. Will have a 38mm case and blued leaf hands.
  2. A few years ago I repaired a seiko bell matic and really liked the watch for some reason so I bought a Bell matic from a eBay seller that was not running in hopes to repair it and use it for a daily beater. I misplaced the unlocking wheel and had to order one. I thought when I opened the cases back it would be a rusty movement but much to my surprise it was really nice clean movement. I replaced the center wheel because it was running very slow after I cleaned it. Now it’s ticking away fine. Here are some pics so far
  3. I find that It roughs up the barrel edges when I rewind it by hand.
  4. Good job, I get beautiful results with Platinum polish also
  5. I have been trying to see if I could put a brand name on any dial and this is what I have so far. Minerva,Breitling,CYMA
  6. Watches have lost value to me since I am able to make most designs. That is the downside to being able to create your own dials of any brand.
  7. You can see it on my YouTube channel. This item and the dials are not for sale
  8. Yes I did make the dial and took it to an AD to compare an IWC and it basically looks the same if not better according to the person working there. 90% accurate. Got the design inspiration from 3 different brands, Alpina, IWC and Stowa
  9. Wearing my Flieger with my all new handmade dial.
  10. Cool watch but These dials are so easy for me to reproduce for pennies on the dollar even the automatic Dials
  11. It’s actually a process that requires certain steps to be take in a certain order. All this I learned by trial and a lot of error. I am not sure what I can do with this new found way of making dials. Redial watches, dial new cases. If you notice the case is from my Longines Bigeye but will not be putting the Bigeye dial back in because this one looks so muck better. Longines has the best case with the oversized pushers perfect for a cool pilot.
  12. It was a thought turned into reality. Brass dial and a steady hand. All hand made from scratch
  13. Has a modified 7750 3.6.9 configuration but removed a few wheels. I really like the over sized seconds got the inspiration from Stowa pilot. I really impressed myself with this dial.
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