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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Guys and Gals, It's a pleasure to register at this forum. I'm a watch enthusiast, beginner at moding and I have very few experience at movements assemble/disassemble knowledge. I come to this site to learn new valuable skills and meet friendly people.
  2. Hello there, When this summer my son Jules was born, I was looking for something to celebrate his birth. Quite coincidentally, YouTube suggested a watch video which I looked at and now I'm here I really fell in love with those small but big feats of engineering and would love to try some servicing/repair out as a hobby. I'm a big fan of stuff that requires full focus like chess or assembling and painting my Warhammer miniatures. Time to roll up my sleeves and see what this rabbit hole has to offer! See you on the forum, Louis
  3. Hello! Just joined in I was bitten by the watch bug back in 2018. The collection and taste have been growing and evolving since then. Currently, I'm into modern digitals and vintage mechanicals.
  4. Hello fine people of the Internet! I'm new to this fascinating passtime of watch touching, and can hardly wait to learn more. I'm nrm, you may also see me in youtube comment sections as needless mustard. I'm just this guy, y'know? I'm what's called in some circles a geriatric millennial, or an aging punk. And like most middle-aged folks with not enough responsibilities, I have too many hobbies! I'm obviously new to and enthusiastic about watch repair, though I'm not a "Watch Guy" -- I've no (current) interest in Acquiring "Desirable" watches like the Rolex and the Tag Heuers and all that fancy stuff that costs several months of rent an you have to be on a waiting list for 6 years for. I'm also a Modular Synthesis nerd. I mostly enjoy building and repairing these instruments, but I can also be found playing them from time to time. Speaking of nerds, I'm also all about the TTRPG scene, Dungeons & Dragons amongst other games -- I've been playing with a couple different groups for nigh on ten years at this point. I'm a passable player, and a decent game master. I thought I was going to get into mixology and bartending, but it turned out that I just wanted a good daiquiri. Some other things that people may be interested to know, I'm currently in the Middle of Canada -- I think there's one legit watch repair school left in my country, and it's about 2400KM away; so the Internet is my friend (probably going to dive in to Mr. Lovick's online courses when there's a few spare dollars and I'm ready to stop saying that it's a "new" hobby). My pronouns are currently He, Him, & His. I have a cat named Luce (as in hell broke loose). Finally, my day job is a professional computer toucher.
  5. Hi, my name is Danny and I am new to the watch repair community. I have very loose terminology and know-how so if I make a mistake when speaking about any sort of topic about watches, I apologize. I got into the watch community / watch repair community because I find the movements and different movement of vintage watches fascinating. The different combinations of movements, dials, cases, and bands also interest me and I would like to know more about the movements of watches.
  6. Hi all - I live in the north central USA. I've worn watches since my parents gave me a little manual wind Timex for my 7th birthday, but the pandemic turned me from "a guy with this or that quartz watch until it breaks" into "a watch guy." Occasionally browsing watch review videos led me to Mark's mesmerizing repair videos, which led me to watching probably 300 hours of his and other watch service videos. A few months back I finally took an 8 hour course with a local watchmaker to service a ST36/6497 clone movement and assemble a watch, in hopes of getting some hands-on practice before attempting to fix a broken HMT frankenwatch. (I succeeded! even replaced its crystal after ruining the original with isopropyl alcohol) And eventually to attempt service on my malfunctioning Vostok. I managed to disassemble the grinding automatic wind on a very cheap Tongji-based watch to lubricate it, and want to work on a couple more junk automatics before tackling the Vostok I actually care about. Ultimately I'd like to be restoring pocket watches, but I've already discovered I'll need to learn to replace a balance staff to really open up that realm, with its requisite equipment investment. I already have a time consuming day job, time consuming chores, and already have somewhat time consuming practice & performance commitments as an amateur musician, but there's still a free hour in the week so I've gotta make some tiny machines tick tick tick. I look forward to participating here - I promise to research as much as I can before asking novice questions, but I am a novice and I've got a million questions. Cheers!
  7. Hi, my name is Dominik. I have 3 watches none of them are working. I really want to repair them, i'll be glad for your help
  8. Hello everyone, I'm just getting into the hobby of watch collecting and repair. I'm working on gathering the needed tools and other resources needed to be successful. I look forward to learning from everyone here. Thanks, Matt
  9. HI there, horology fans! I dove into the world of watches a year or two ago, and quickly became a Seiko fan. I'm fascinated by these tiny machines that have so much style and engineering in them. My first Seiko was bought from Wish.com (you can see where this is going) and was a grade-a Feiko. I shared my story and a kind Reddit user offered to trade me my Feiko for his hand built 7750 clone chronograph. I was hooked. I've now modded a few Seikos and have begun amassing tools for repair. I've become the guy at work who can change batteries and fix bracelets. All in all it's been very rewarding. I've come here as a lurker plenty, but have a question today so I thought it'd be best to say hi here first.
  10. Hi all. I'm pretty new to watches. I've only been collecting for about a year. In that time I've found myself gravitating towards vintage watches from Japan and Russia. After hearing about this site I decided to buy a few Chinese watches to modify. When I feel ready I'll start making 'bespoke' Chinese watches for me, my friends and my family. Cheers!
  11. Hello to all of you out there! So, the moderator asked me to do some intros to myself. Here they are. I'm just getting properly into watch repairs and slowly building my kit and various bags of to-be-fixed watches. So far, I'm sticking to quartz watches. Actually I have a few books on repairing mechanical watches, but it is scary stuff! Maybe I just need to explore more. I'm certainly NOT a pro, but a home-repairing amateur. I have fixed quite a few already, but also killed some watches in the process. Hey, that's part of learning - right? So, I guess that's all for now.
  12. Hello, I'm located on the East Coast of the US in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Home of the Philly Cheese Steak, the Liberty Bell, commuter traffic and a world class local Philly accent. I am a neophyte hobbyist in the world of horological dissection. I have tools (and want more), magnification, lighting, and an Ikea Tray on the dining room table for my workbench. I'm learning mechanical movements and am currently disassembling a Tissot 670 Chronograph (Analog and Digital) in order to replace a missing pusher. I'm interested in gathering info on what the procedure is to give it a thorough service. Not sure about replacing all the o-rings on the other existing 3 pushers and crown assembly...you will see my traffic on this project shortly. v/r AlamoJoe
  13. Hi, I’m Fred. I’ve recently started collecting watches. I’m interested in the moon-phase watches . To support my habit I buy bulk lots. To repair and sell. Sometimes I run across a gem.
  14. I've been watching Watch Repair Channel on YouTube and am subscribed to that. I really like Mark's teaching style. I have been collecting watches for about 10 years. I had to stop actively collecting for financial reasons for a while but my collection has doubled in the past year and now I have to learn more. I've always had to tinker with whatever I was interested in, taking things apart and putting them back together and building things has been something positive I gained from my dad. So now I need the knowledge to work on my watches new and vintage. Thank you for the community of help here in this forum!
  15. Hello all! My name is Marcus, and I am a watch repairer. I've only started recently, maybe about 2 years ago. I work out of my family jewelry/pawn shop. I enjoy fixing pretty much any types of watches. Although I am new to watchmaking I have had the opportunity to work on Rolex', Omega, piaget, Seiko and many other brands of watches. I'm still learning a lot and I hope to learn a lot more from browsing this forum!
  16. To all ye present greetings, I am an incorrigible tinkerer,I cant help it. I took apart my first watch when I was nine years old. Of course I could not put it back together, but my father, whose watch it was did not get angry.. he understood my curiosity . He was the same way. I have absolutely no training. I am in no way any kind of expert or authority on anything, but I do have more than a fair amount of mechanical aptitude and a decent command of the English language. I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when I am the one asking it.I look forward to exchanging opinions and experiences and information with you all. Henry
  17. My name is Scott and I am a watchaholic. I got the disease bad. I have gone from having one watch, to too many, to having my own business specialising in birth year watches. As a former race car mechanic I figured that the mechanic skills and knowledge would be transferable to watches. Some is, but the spanners are smaller! I have done two courses at the BHI - Basic watch and quartz - , and I am booked in for the auto and calendar course later this year. Meanwhile the WIP drawer gets fuller, and my free time is diminished. I found the forum whilst searching for info on removing a Tissot 2031 stem - which is still stuck, and thought I may stick around. If my username is familiar I am also on TWF.
  18. Hello to you all. I am PJ and at my first few steps into this new hobby of watch repairing and hope to get to know you and get some constructive help along the way too. Thank you.
  19. Hello everyone, I am a watch enthusiast and amateur watchmaker. I have been longing for a site like this that allows for friendly exchange of information. I am interested in all aspects of horology, but my passion has become bespoke watch creation. I would love to help with anyone wanting to build unique watches or share my own projects. I have experimented with everything ranging from repair to custom dial design and 3D case printing. I am very excited to meet you all. Best Regards, Burton
  20. Hello everyone. Signed up on this forum to get some information on watch repairing. Currently have zero experience in repairing watches as well as a single watch in my collection (a F-91W), but I do think I have a developing hobby of watches and Horology in general. I am looking to repair watches for profit as I believe the profit margins should be quite good if you get the watches for a cheaper price, and im only 16 years old meaning it could potentially be a good source of some income if I can successfully repair them. I would also like to get something nice for my fathers 50th birthday (couple years from now), which i've put hours of my time in. That would be nice, eh? Anyways, advice and tips would be hugely appreciated. Have a glorious day reader! Cheers.
  21. Hello everyone, I am reading this forum for some weeks now and am really enjoying it. Until recently I had zero experience in watchmaking or repairing but I started to gather basic tools and some scrap mechanical watches to start taking them apart and rebuilding them again. Until now I have practised with two watches which are in a considerably worse state than before. But all parts are at their place, none is missing, "just" one ruined hairspring, one broken watchglass and quiet some experience. So I am in the phase of getting more and more into this subject and thought I might just introduce myself here. Looking forward to read and write in this forum! BabySchimmerlos (My alias may sound a little confusing: It is derived of a male figure in a German TV-Series called Kir Royal.)
  22. Hi all, Im number98 (Number is not my actual name...lol). I started repairing watch movement at last year. Mainly on china movement like st6d, zsh and dg2813. Repair ETA 2836 once. Occupation as a student. Watch repairing is my hobby, i do it when im free. Interested in repairing watch movement last year when i owned a submariner homage which consist of the dg2813 movement and the movement is spoilt. If im not wrong because i drop it. And when i wind it, the second hand spins freely(because the pallet fork pivot broke). So i teardown but i dont know how to reassemble back. And when i do, i broke several gear pivot. So from that on i start to learn and to be more careful. So up to date, i can assemble a dg2813 without breaking any pivot and it works. Beside repairing watches, I do repair computer as well like soldering, fixing the GPU by using hot air and etc. Look forward to learn more on watch repairing! Your video on youtube is interesting. I look forward for more. Thanks :)
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