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  1. Hi all I was just thinking as I just got a very cheap watch for my grandson , is there a way to water proof it , with out spending to much money
  2. welcome , I to am very new, only been doing watch repair for 3 months , and have lots of help from Marks video and from this group of fine people :goodjob:
  3. sorry they are not my doing just found them searching the internet when I could`t sleep
  4. ​just some bike made from watch parts
  5. ​just some bike made from watch parts
  6. this was my first watch my father gave to me it had stopped years ago but with a little oil it started working again , lucky for me , now it is time to install a new crystal and this is my problem is this a what they call a high dome crystal or is this a small dome crystal , it has a small lip around it and is 27.11mm as seen in the photo`s on the the watch face it has these number 23150 02474 I found out the last number 74 is the year 1974 , I would be grateful for any help
  7. very nice , I check out your site and you tube as someone who been trying for a number of years to play with very little success , I was imprest and enjoyed your playing :goodjob:
  8. Hi I was just looking at mainspring winding tools and as someone who is new to this think they are a big expense for the new coming is there anther way of putting in a mainspring with out the tool, or do new springs come ready to fit ?
  9. I just started to go to charity shops and ask if they have any watches that are given to them that don`t work and offer a small donation for them , I found the managers are quite happy to keep them for me they might be top name watches but they good to start with , best bet are the local shops not the big name one`s
  10. I have looked on Amazon for tools and found some very cheap but good tools for the new comer to watch repair and if like me money is short this might be the place for the beginner http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&field-keywords=watch%20repair%20tools&linkCode=ur2&sprefix=watch%20repair%2Caps%2C461&tag=wwwwatchservi-21&url=search-alias%3Daps
  11. just saying hello new to this site and very new to watch repair , so hope to get to know the member as time go`s by ,
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