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  1. @HSL I think I sent yo a PM although I can't seem to find any trace of it in my messages. Let me know if yo got it.
  2. @watchweasol, @jdm, Thanks again for the info. I am assuming that the stem, ( the square portion) should fit through both the crown wheel and castle wheel. My new one does not. But I don't think I have a stone that you refer to and certainly don't have the skill, being a novice. So I guess my best bet at this point is to wait for my extenders to arrive and see if I can get lucky with that. I didn't notice any markings on either of the two types of clones I got a hold of. One was the ST 2130 2824-2 ( link below) https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Silver-Watch-Movement-Seagull-ST2130-For-2824-2-Automatic-25-Jewels-Balance/163642916241?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 and the others I got from someone, that seems to have been removed so I can't send a link. Though the Seagull is the one I currently was working on and it has the dial and hands already on, after a few tries ! I am not totally sure how to read the tech doc for order of assembly. I am not sure the easiest or best way to go forward. The first time I tried to get to where the crown wheel and castle wheel, I used the method I saw in Mark's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b83l-1DmlQ&t=0s Even if I do get the extender to seemingly fit I will have to realign what ever is fouled up. I guess another solution would be to ask you where I might be able to get hold of a better movement that would fit the case and dial I have purchased, seen below, where I might not have all these troubles. https://alpha-1993.com/collections/watch-cases/products/seamaster-watch-case-for-eta-2824-2836 Again, thanks for your precious time, I appreciate it. Also I am just curious as to where you both are located. I want to get good enough at this to make it a rewarding hobby. I am enjoying the challenge but am getting a little frustrated ( and broke) lol. Regards, David
  3. so i think yo are telling me that my only solution would be to file the square section down? Or would a stem extender be a solution for the broken one that does go through the pinions ? I have ordered some extenders from Esslinger. Btw, the broken one in the picture is one of the ones that was shipped with the movement. I broke it when trying to insert after I had tried the other replacement ones I bought.
  4. Thanks All. Please forgive my Nubie status I am obviously still learning. It may be that I am using the wrong stem and attempting to put that in first and therefore knocking things out of alignment. I actually did do what had been suggested by @watchweasol and implied by @jdm. I had gone by Mark's video to get to those parts through the Non-dial side of the watch instead of from the dial-side keyless work. It didn't fit through the sliding pinion or the winding pinion where the broken one did. So how do I know if my clones are 2824 or 2824-2? And where could I get the proper stem. The one I got from Cas-Ker was a 401-1029, which apparently is the wrong one. I have ordered some from Ebay from China, but I am not sure if they are the right ones or when they will get here in the States. I was thinking about filing down one of the replacements I bought but haven't yet done so. I am not sure of technique to disassemble and reassemble the keyless works. So any hints there? Also, now that it appears to be broken in all of the movements I tried what is my easiest way to fix it. I haven't tried to get to it from the dial side because the dial is already on and I was hoping not to have to remove that. I was going to attach a photo of the stems and pinion's but maybe I will later. Right now I seem to be having and issue with Icloud and can't get to it. And thanks for that tech sheet it was helpful even though it was not the 2824 or 2824-2. Though I am still figuring out how to read it. I have not taken on the full disassemble and don't totally know how to follow the reassemble pictures it shows. And does anyone know where or how I could possibly purchase both stems for the 2824 and 2824-2 that might work ? Thanks again, Dpipe12 ( David)
  5. Thanks, but the problem is more that I can’t even get the stem in properly to the movement after I have removed it in preparation to put in the case. So it won’t go into the movement either when it is inserted through the case or even if I try to reinsert into the movement outside of the case. I was careful when I removed the stem and have actually tried removing from both winding position but mostly in the hand set position. But when I reinsert it is not working as it should. I read descriptions of which way is best but I think the consensus was mostly the hand winding. My last attempt on the ST 2130 I was tried in the winding position but that failed also. I can get it back in but it doesn’t function properly. It seems to be stuck in date position and won’t really go to other positions. So I can’t set time or wind. It will turn the day for a few times but then it stops doing that too. I. Any get to where I might need to trim the size of the stem. Thanks for the response , DPipe12 (David) my goal is to make a very good replica of a Omega Seamaster I have all the parts needed for that but I am learning with the clone versions I want to eventually put in a real eta 2824 or 2824-2 to this replica. I sourced the parts and actuall thought they could be authentic but I sent back to Omega Swatch for repair but they would not because it was not genuine Omega parts ! I wasn’t too surprised at that but it is a very good fake for now I am using case I purchased from Alpha Europe described to be for 2824 along with the clone movements I have mentioned
  6. Hi Everyone, i am looking for some advice and coaching. I just recently took up watch building as a hobby and I thought I was doing ok. Got through my first one and didn’t do too bad. Though that one was a Miyota 8215. So then I thought I would try a 2824(clone) because it had larger diameter hands and that is what I had the most trouble on my first one. And it actually was a little easier on the 2824. But it seems I am 0 for 4 in getting it in the case because of not being able to get the stem back in properly. I’ve failed on 3 cheap clones and one ST 2130. But still no joy. I did try to repair one of them per the video by Mark, but that wasn’t successful either, though I thought it seemed like it. I had gotten replacement stems for 2824 from CasKer and it looked the same but I think it may be part of the problem. When I had one apart as seen on the video I tried to fit it through the pinion and it doesn’t go through. So I thought that could be the problem. But I tried the shipped one of the ST 2130 when I was getting it ready to go I’m the case and that failed too. What am I doing wrong. Should I punt on my new hobby or does anyone have a suggestion. I’m down about $140 on movements so far. Respectfully Frustrated, DPipe12
  7. Hello to the WRT universe
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